Shick Separately Reenacts The Justin Bieber/Orlando Bloom Ibiza Fight on Y&R (SNEAK PEEK)


Shick is mad as hell, and they aren’t taking it anymore! While Nick (Joshua Morrow) is off trashing an OB/GYN-turned-professor’s office like it’s a rented mansion in Calabasas; Sharon (Sharon Case) wants to crack a bottle over Victor’s (Eric Braeden) head for bringing Mariah (Camryn Grimes) into their lives on The Young and the Restless.

Elsewhere in Genoa City, is Billy (Burgess Jenkins) about to say goodbye to his jump-off and her kid? That’s right, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) is threatening to flee the fashion and cosmetics mecca of Wisconsin. Watch Friday’s Y&R sneak peek below!

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    Why Nick’s all of a sudden Sherlock Holmes for the sake of plot is really annoying. Why hasn’t Victoria been just as tenacious in finding out the history of her lying ass possible baby daddy, Ben Stitch Rayburn Russell?

    Also annoyed that for the sake of plot, Mariah got the hots for Nick. Ugh. As if Sharon needs more drama in her life. Phyllis about to wake up and Victor’s breathing down the back of her neck like a dragon. This extra Mariah plot is the very definition of unnecessary. Why the hell wasn’t Sharon pissed at Mariah for gaslighting her? Because she was the target and Nick wasn’t? So, she can be furious for a girl trying to take her man but not be furious when the takes advantage of her? Lame!

    Another reason why Mariah and Sharon having the falling out is annoying is because she’ll get right back into her good graces in like a month. No one stays angry at a person for long, just look at Austin and Paul and Avery. Sharon will be over her anger by next week.

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    Nick showing some brain cells doesn’t make him Sherlock Holmes IMO. He just doesn’t look as clueless as usually which is surprising. I have more a problem with the fact that the Mariah story was dragged for months & we are now finding out who she really is. Not only that we all saw it coming but with a stranger coming to town, looking like my late daughter I would have made a background check a lot sooner. I mean Mariah has been working for Nick for months & living with Shick for some time now.

    I don’t blame Sharon though. She has been suffering since Cassie’s death and the death of that girl always was her weak spot. Victor used this fact in every way he could. And that episode really reminded me, like Sharon was saying, how much of a father figure Victor was to her and how many times he supported Sharon after Cassie’s death. Made me kinda sad that that’s gone since that mess called Shictor.

    Mariah falling for Nick and trying to seduce him is a very soapy move. But I can live with it. Sharon screaming at her & throwing Mariah out kinda reminded me of AMC’s Erica and Kendall when Kendall first came to town. I guess now with everything that has happened and Sharon’s final wake up call this relationship will be everything but loving and forgiving. Mariah and Sharon both exchanged pretty harsh words where it should be hard to take them all back just because Mariah turns out to be her daughter.

    I still feel sorry for Burgess Jenkins. He is obviously miscast and shows in every scene that he can’t really handle the role. It looked so ridiculous when Billy was flying around that loft with Connor. Little scenes like this prove over and over again that he can’t settle into the role. I don’t know how he got through the audition but the decision for him as Billy is very questionable.
    Of course that’s still no reason to insult the poor guy all day long on Twitter & demand Billy Miller’s return.

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      Every time Burgess speaks, I want to press the mute button. Casting seriously must’ve been drunk when they hired this guy. He sounds like he should be working on the Snyder farm on ATWT, not a blue-blooded Abbott. Ugh!

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      I like Burgess..He is better than David Tom but he had big shoes ..but he had big shoes to fill..Biller Miller made it impossible for a recast to work well..but Burgess is okay IMO

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    I’ve been heartsick of late with YR and haven’t been watching but one maybe two days a week. My love of Shick and their story (for me) is the best story YR has currently followed by the Winters horizontal twister going on is great .

    SC-JM is proving once again their chemistry ignites any story put in together!!! Tuesday’s episode was superb…I haven’t seen such a well thought out balance episode and ALL centering around my beloved Shick…I was in hog heaven. Now that faux Cassie is out of the stupid Tyler’s orbit story and no Tyler of late!!, they moved faux Cassie more centered Newman is what this needed…HALLELUJAH…classic YR, they did capture Shick. All I wanted was faux Cassie to be Cassie’s twin…I’m getting my wish!

    Wednesday SUCKED! big difference, Dylan, Austin day YUCK…high point Winters family.

    Thursday good featuring Shick again…the flow of this story has been perfect…

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      HARLEE, is so right. Wednesday sucked. Anything with DYLDODUMB in it would suck. In my opinion, he is worse actor to have ever lasted this long on Y and R in the 35+ years I have been a viewer. He does absolutely nothing for the storyline. Anything with him in it, is just plain boring. Even on Thursday, was a joy to see Avery without DULLDYLDO.

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    I am loving Y&R lately..they are setting up some great story lines for the fall..Michael and Lauren will final;y be a part of the show again..I wonder if Michael has really ever gotten over her affair with carmine. And Miriah being Sharon’s daughter is huge. And now Phyllis wakes up? WOW..good job..and my guy Justin Hartley playing Adam is so great!!!

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    I don’t really care for Shick as a couple but i’m very invested in all aspects of their story right now. And that’s when I know that i’m watching good soap. When i’m not a shipper of the heavealy featured pair but i find myself still enjoying what’s going on on my screen. Except for wednesday show, Y&R was a GREAT soap this week!

    Nick having a brain, using his Newman connections and manipulating people to get his way gave me life.

    I have nothing nice to say about CowbotBilly and his rapemance with his rapist. Nothing.

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    I can’t believe I watched YR 3 days this week and that has been 3 months and reason my beloved Shick brought the story and delivered it.

    Friday had the best cliffhanger I’ve seen on YR in many months. The ending with Shick and the scene between Nick-Sharon…that’s the way to milk it …HELL YEA!

    Now Mariah isn’t in Tabby’s god awful story and placed her back in story with Shick-Newman clan it has a natural feel in story and it delivered the good soapiness. I’m soooo please with my 3 days and YR this past week.

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