BLIND ITEM: Which Ginger East Coast Soap Alum is Already Taping on a West Coast Sudser?

Blind Item

I’m hearing a very popular, flame-haired, former East Coast soap siren is secretly taping at one of the four West Coast sudsers. I guess that makes this her third life to live?

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    Melissa Archer ,Hope she is playing a legacy character. EIther Sarah Horton or maybe Jessica Forrester. Hell it would be cool if she was playing Sarah Webber. Liz definitely needs more family around.

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      Andrea Evans already popped up in Genoa City as Tawny Moore to wrap up one of Amber’s runs on Y&R (ca. 2010). .. And yes, Stacy Haiduk was playing Patty at the time.

  2. Profile photo of BoricuaAngel

    Oh please let it be Melissa Archer …as GH’s Liz Weber. No offense to the actress currently playing her …but no matter how many fancy haircuts they give Rebecca Herbst, she STILL looks/acts like a little girl (especially in those scenes with Molly at the jail). Even Molly looked more like an adult standing next to Liz. lol.

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      LOL. I had to rewind those jail scenes a couple of times, because Liz and Molly looked the same age! Becky Herbst has fantastic skin and can not help looking so young.

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      How did we go from MA to discussing Becky Herbst’s appearanc? Most of us only wish we looked as young as Becky and had perfect skin and hair after having 3 babies. IMO Melissa could never fill Becky’s shoes. Glad someone just clued me in that she is taping on DOOL. Maybe they are bringing her on to fill the gap being left when AS leaves. MA is much closer to AS style of acting that BH’s style.

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    Sounds like Melissa Archer to me too. If so, I hope its ANY show other than GH. I can’t take her under Ron writing again. She was his most propped character ever. Natalie did dirt for years and never answered for any of it. Ron has his Natalie in Britt right now. Lets leave it at that lol

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    If it is Melissa Archer, then the soap in question has got to be GH. The only way Days should be casting any more people is if they are people of color and/or if they are getting rid of the terrible trio from Poplar Grove.

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      LOL! Melissa Archer has signed on to DOOL. Your comment about the trio from Poplar Grove cracked me up…it’s Poplar Bluff, & bless them, I grew up not far from there & it’s about as boring as that DOOL trio! I liked Old Ben the best, but then they replaced him with the stiff model guy. Yikes. I agree, this trio’s creation is not DOOL finest hour. Good thing the other storylines on the show are going better!

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    I hope it is her…I kind of miss seeing her work. Days would be the soap that can stand to bring on a few more. It just lost Alison Sweeney, James Scott, and Eileen Davidson will be exiting soon.

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    Sounds like Melissa Archer. If it’s DAYS, we won’t find out for months because of that wacky filming schedule. Andrea Evans would be awesome as a returned Patty on Y&R!

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      At this stage of the character’s life, I don’t see any requirement to replace Stacy Haiduk as Patty. .. By the time it was over, Paulie and Pattycakes worked. .. How odd to reverse course. (Furthermore, back in the 80s, Lilibet Stern was far and away the fan favorite.)

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      Well, she was on original One Life to Live. Then she also did the reboot produced by Prospect Park. So that’s two lives to live already. Seems pretty obvious to me.

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    sounds like Melissa Archer, but if it is, as a Days fan, I hope and pray that she’s not on Days, because she is a terrible actress. If Molly Burnett is coming back as Melanie, it seems somewhat unlikely that Days would have 2 redheads who are not that far apart in age.

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