Will Heather Webber Avenge a Brokenhearted Franco on General Hospital?

Robin Mattson

Franco (Roger Howarth) and Carly (Laura Wright) may want to brush up on their self defense skills. Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) is on her way back to Port Charles on General Hospital!

Mattson posted the good news on Facebook:

Mattson Facebook
I guess Heather is one of the GH super villains Frank Valentini hinted about returning this fall. Heather did warn her son that Carly would do nothing but hurt him. Considering Carly is once again hitting the sheets with Sonny (Maurice Benard), it looks like mama knew best! No word yet on Mattson’s first airdate.

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    Welcome back, Robin Mattson!!! You were always my favorite “Janet from another planet” on AMC. Kate Collins was great as Natalie, but she couldn’t hold a candle to “your” Janet! I hope you get a better storyline on GH this time!

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    I LOVE Robin Mattson but seriously … she should be on DAYS playing Jordan and Ben’s mother. The character of Heather was so overused since Ron Carlivati is writing the show and destroyed in the process. The Heather I love and remember was a scheming vixen, somewhat of a femme fatale. This Heather is just crazy.
    Thanks to Mattson the character still has it’s moments where I enjoy her but I can’t say that I’m excited to have her back or that the show needs her. Mattson is such a talented actress which I always used to enjoy. Like I said, she’d be perfect as James Read’s wife on DAYS. Get her on that show and stop this!

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      I agree 100%!!! She’s not the Heather from the 80s.. I miss that version of her, but under this writing team…. gag! Still happy to see her back, though, even if it is a new crappy storyline.

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    Robin Mattson deserves so much better, but I guess it’s tough in the soap world these days when you’ve gotten older.

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    Why can’t they have Heather, or some of the other other big villains like Helena, Jasper, Faison, or Dr. Olbrecht, terrorize Sonny’s murderous ass for a change. Geez!

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    @scream2012 – I’m with you, Robin Mattson deserves so much better. Just the headline of this article spoils it. Another stupid 6-8 week story arc of a “crazy”, instead of the schemer we really love, terrorizing stupid Carly so that Todd can “rescue” her again. I hate to say it but the thought of Robin Mattson coming back as “crazy” Heather makes me just want to take a pass on the whole thing. I can’t stand to see Robin Mattson’s talents so degraded.

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    I’ll be on the side that’s excited to have her back!.. she’s fun for me to watch.. VERY unpredictable and I love that.

    Also, she’s spent YEARS in a psychiatric home.. being fed meds for already being a little crazy.. I really don’t find her CART-oony (see what I did there?) antics to be that far off from the norm. I’m going to roll with it.. especially if it means scenes with Roger and Kin. :)

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    To me, I didnt mind how she was written before. I know you say that she was too much of a cartoon but I didnt mind it. I dont think she should come back right now, though. She needs to be off the canvus a little while longer and then have her come back. I think that it would make more of an impact.

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