The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Ian Finally Does Something Scary!

Ian Y&R

Ian/Nikki: The Machiavellian cult leader isn’t done terrorizing the Newman family. Next week, he sets out to get revenge on Mrs. Victor Newman!

Ian arrives at the ranch and bullies his way inside the house, while Nikki is home alone. (Where the hell is security?) Armed with a needle, Ian has bad intentions on the brain for the socialite. Will Dylan and Paul get to the ranch to save her in time?

Victor: The Black Knight tries to get Phyllis to reveal the secret Sharon is hiding.

Nick/Sharon: The two locate Mariah and get her to Memorial. Sharon observes how Mariah keeps holding onto Nick. Undeterred, Sharon finally tells Mariah she is her daughter and Cassie’s twin. Kids, don’t look for any warm and fuzzy moments between these two ladies!

Ashley: She heads back to Genoa City and has an offer for Stitch.

Michael/Lauren: Likey’s marriage hits a rough patch, as Michael keeps pulling away from his wife.

Devon/Hilary: Despite their best efforts, they just can’t stay away from each other.



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  1. Profile photo of rhythmchyc

    Unless Ian kills somebody, I’m still not intimidated.

    It’s sad that Jill and Colin have more sex than Devon and Hilary. This is ridiculous. They’re too hot for this white-washed affair.

  2. Profile photo of rozzberry

    “Ian FINALLY does something scary!”

    IKR. For a character that’s suppose to be perceived as awful & disturbed, this is the first convincing stunt he’s pulled since arriving GC imho. Does he rank as one of the worst/best(depending on your view point) villains? No, but at least he’s behaving like one now.

  3. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I have to say that I LOVE that Erica/Kendall 1.0 vibe I’m getting from Sharon and Mariah. I hope that it stays that way long-term. It makes for good and soapy story if your own daughter is out to get you.

    Otherwise this Ian story isn’t making much sense. I still don’t feel that he has anything scary to offer. He looks just like a freak that doesn’t even seem to know why he’s doing what or what he really wants. Showing up at Nikki’s home proves that. Yes he threatens her and says some weird things but that’s about it.

    Victor’s obsession with Phyllis is kinda stupid. His family has a real threat at home – or at least that what the writers tell us – but the great Victor Newman is off to some mission to find out Sharon’s dirty little secret.

    I’m so excited to see Ashley again full time. Let’s hope they really do have some good story for her. I have to say that for the sake of the past I’d much rather see her dancing around Victor while Nikki’s drinking again than competing with Abby and Victoria over Stitch. But well … that’s just me… ;)

  4. Profile photo of AlbertoTulsa71

    I have such mixed feelings about Phyllis returning to G.C. While I’m looking forward to seeing her raise some hell, I’m loving Nick & Sharon right now. I’m hoping that (I know I’m in the minority ) it takes Phyllis a a little while before she remembers that tumble down the stairs and what Sharon did. Maybe November sweeps?

    • Profile photo of Angie Lucy
      Angie Lucy

      I think it would be more dramatic if Phyllis didn’t remember right away. Let Sharon squirm for a while. In the meantime, let Phyllis try to rebuild with Summer. I think a little time to let Gina T. get used to the role would be good before we get the big Sharon/Phyllis showdown. Let her practice by stomping a mudhole in Kelly first.

  5. Profile photo of tedew

    I also feel that it would be better (and not very realistic) for Phyllis to wake up intact; plus she should need intensive physical and mental therapy to bring her back to full force. I think she will not remember much at first, then Sharon will remember and then Phyllis will remember but pretend not too.

    I still do detest that Victor has arranged this miracle cure not in the least to benefit Phyllis but only to exact revenge on Sharon. He could really care less about Phyllis.

    • Profile photo of tedew

      In the above … I do mean that it would not be very realistic for Phyllis to wake up intact and better for her not to storyline wise.

      (This site does not seem to allow us to edit our own comments as we were able to in its previous incarnation … or can we somewhere? )

  6. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Y&R was excellent today! Case, Grimes, Wise and Scott continue to give us great performances. JFP, the directors, music directors and writers continue to shine.

    • Profile photo of ChrisGa

      I have to say the last week’s worth of episodes have been, with the exception of the occasional random dud scene(did we really need an Abby/Tyler scene thrown in to an otherwise fine episode), very good. The Sharon/Nick/Mariah/Ian story is pure soapy goodness(not to mention Sharon has been giving me some serious ’80’s-era Valene Ewing in the last week–not sure if it’s the combination hysterics/crazy hair or what but I’m LOVING it). The return of Drunk Nikki is always a huge check in the plus column. And the Kay-centric episode was good too. Also on the plus side for me was giving the Billy/Victoria/Chelsea/Stitch and the Hevon/Neil(which has already grown tiresome for me personally thanks to boring ass Neil’s blindness) situations a rest for a minute, although I’m sure those two are about to ramp up again.

      All in all, the show’s not bad at all right now. Hopefully they can hold on to some of the momentum with the reemergence of Phyllis from her coma and Ashley’s return.

  7. Profile photo of pjc722

    Sad thing right now for me with the show is the inconsistent way they have been building up to Ian’s ultimate demise. For one, I still don’t see EVIL but I definitely see a pathetic man. Why the show didn’t showcase Wise going off the rails and being desperate is beyond me. Now SUPER-dylan to the rescue.

    Speaking of rescue… Ian has walked onto the ranch so many times that you would think there are more than 1 guard to protect the residents of this estate. Really, with such weak security that a 70 year old man was able to overpower him you would think Victor, a billionaire would have the best darn security ever.

    And Victor… seriously, why do they write him as god and not have to pay the piper for it?


  8. Profile photo of harlee490

    Why is Victor in Phyllis’s story? No need and it weighs down the story . It would had been fine if Phyllis on Friday cliffhanger just opened her eyes and let the games begin…

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