REPORT: CBS Developing Jerry O’Connell Talk Show to Possibly Replace ‘Queen Latifah’

Queen Latifah, Jerry O'Connell

Could actor Jerry O’Connell be the next face of Daytime TV talk? While Sony Pictures Television denied Cindy Adams’ chatter about Queen Latifah‘s self-titled talk show being canned next fall, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter CBS is developing a female-centric talk show for O’Connell, just in case The Queen Latifah Show is cancelled after this season.


From the report:

If the Queen is dethroned, CBS has actor Jerry O’Connell developing a talk show that appears to be aimed at the same heavily female daytime audience.

The show, which will have co-hosts and guest stars, is taping at least three test shows Tuesday and Wednesday at Sunset Bronson Studios in Los Angeles.

Reportedly, if O’Connell’s show tests well, it could be ready to air as soon as Sept. 2015.


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    TV Gord

    I’m not surprised. Queen Latifah (like Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, Bonnie Hunt and many before them) signed two years deals, her ratings were fairly soft in season one. Given the relative success of Steve Harvey’s show, I can see O’Connell doing a show that attempts to talk at women in the daytime.

  2. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    The videos did not show the whole beheadings. There wasn’t even a rush of blood on the first punctures. Photoshop? It’s propaganda and the mainstream media is feeding right into what they want. People need to question things more and not just blindly accept whatever is on TV …

  3. Profile photo of DarylE

    Seriously? you truly believe that was staged? those men are alive? ok you say to question things more … i am questioning you… if those men are alive where are they? what was the point of these fake videos?

  4. Profile photo of pumpkin

    The successful talk shows are predictable. Steve Harvey, Wendy Williams, Rachel Rae–all LIKE people and fit in, are comfortable and nothing is staged. Bottomline, what you see is what you get. I forgot Dr Oz and I know there may be others but I am just making a point of who is sustainable. The audience must CARE what the host has to think. The talk shows that fail have hosts who are not good at being a host and were put there on popularity. I do not care what Jerry O’Donnell has to say. I don’t know about others. The successful hosts were actually less known before their shows. Maybe that is a key point.

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