How The Bold and the Beautiful and Karla Mosley Transformed Maya Avant Into The Black Erica Kane


Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) may be back to reclaim her Empire on Fox, but she isn’t the only soap opera ex-con who knows how to go after what she wants! This week on CBS Daytime’s The Bold and the Beautiful, Maya Avant (Karla Mosley) moved into the Forrester mansion and effectively replaced dear, dead Stephanie (Susan Flannery) as the family’s matriarch.

Well, as a point of fact, Rick (Jacob Young) was the one who replaced that creepy portrait of La Forrester with one of a regal Maya. Ms. Avant must have some doggone good Hello Kitty to get that dude to disrespect his late stepmonster’s memory this way.

I have been living my life for The Bold and the Beautiful this January. The 30-minute sudser kicked off 2015 with a sexy, intriguing business story centered on Rick snatching the family fashion dynasty from the father and stepbrother who betrayed him.


Maya has been firmly positioned alongside her married lover the entire time. It’s only fitting, considering she was the one who exposed Rick’s wife Caroline’s (Linsey Godfrey) indecent collaboration with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye)!

Showrunner Brad Bell and his team of brilliant writers have masterfully transformed Maya from a mealy-mouthed, frizzy-haired, goody-goody, into a sleek, cunning black Erica Kane.

The scribes can’t take all the credit. Mosley is killing every scene.

It’s fascinating to watch Maya use her newly-brazen sexuality to manipulate Rick’s every move. Save for precious few examples (Doreen on Generations; Dru on The Young and the Restless), women of color on daytime are rarely allowed to scheme, connive and have the same kind of delicious fun as their white female counterparts.

Maya turns back on the saccharine charm just in time for her dealings with Rick’s meddlesome cousin Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer). I howled as she told Cousin Koala she and Aly (Ashlyn Pearce) had to scram from the mansion, while Maya planned a romantic evening for Rick.

I hope Mosley and Maya remain on B&B‘s frontburner, showing up and showing out, for the rest of the year. Check out a recent clip below of Ms. Maya Avant in all her glory!

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    I just loved how Rick was the one behind it and Maya was oblivious. If she had the audacity to do such a thing, the revenge wouldn’t have been as sweet, imo.

    I’m really liking this story. I hope it has legs for at least the next six months. Jacob and Karla SIZZLE. They best be making toasty brown Forrester chillun at least by the end of 2015.

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    I am loving Rick/Maya, and hope that they are together for a long, long time. And that she gives birth to the next Forrester heir. That would be good soap. And if this abruptly ends (like so many things on B&B seem to to me,) well, Maya made me feel real sympathy for her when she told Ivy that Rick was the only one who ever really loved her. So if Rick dumps her and goes back to Caroline, I hope her revenge is epic.

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    Maya’s transformation has been great and fun to watch. I just wish Days would do the same with Kate Mansi’s Abby, good girls are boring. I just hope that when its all over Maya has some substantial power or asset that makes her a key player because from the way its being written this is going to blow up in her face.

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    This is great story but the writers are doing a good job but not a great job. I mean there writing Rick as this mean, spoiled brat and not caring about Caroline when Caroline herself, mentioned to Liam that Ridge was good looking and she wanted to be with him. Somehow, Caroline never mentioned that to Rick.

    Second, is what happened today. I actually loved the fact that they went into flashback mode about how Caroline treated Maya like dirt. How come nobody on the show is mentioning that? I mean Caroline wasn’t innocent by any means. Did she even apologize to Maya?

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      Daniel St. John

      Y’know one of the many reasons why Hope’s romantic dramas has never worked for me? Its because no matter what the configuration was the situation always felt like a bunch of middle school children fighting over who gets to go with who to the sock hop. Even when Steffy was on the show it felt like a bunch of lightweight juvenile nonsense.

      This Maya/Rick/Caroline/Ridge story feels more adult.

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    Daniel St. John

    I have to admit to be surprised by how the show is handling this storyline. I like that they are keeping some of the old Maya’s softness and insecurities mixed in with her new scheming and social climbing persona. I also like that they showed the flashbacks of how cruel and elitist Caroline was to Maya in the past. it not only establishes the complex history between these three characters but it also gives a nuanced picture of them where no one in this triangle is all good or all bad.

    I especially enjoyed today where Liam had to clue Down Under Barbie in on the fact that in the beginning Rick and Maya had a real relationship that had nothing to do with Rick being a rich Forrester. Listening to that fashion clueless trick talking out of her ass about who is a social climber and where Rick’s real feeling are made me sick. She is such an obnoxious character and I hope Maya drops the nice act and starts treating that opinionated skank like the clueless trash that she is.

    And the Maya/Caroline scenes today were so good. No histrionics, no over the top screaming. Both actress reigned it in and gave very understated but biting performances with Maya scoring the win in this round. I can’t wait for the next round between them.

    Honestly the only weak part of this entire storyline is Ridge. TK has been acting like he is bored and only there for a check for months. You’d think that he would step it up a little since he is finally in a storyline that isn’t dull or ridiculous. But he is just not bringing it like the rest of the cast are.

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    Mya Avant is the new Camilla Parker Bowles! She waited in the wings just like Camilla did and Diana fucked up cheated on Charles and got a divorce. Yes Camilla was always in the picture. She waited got her throne and Mya did the same thing. She is sitting on the throne as the new Duchess of the Hills of Beverly.
    Rick was scorned and that emotion came through as he gave Koala the biznesss. What made it so Epic was the way he turned around and walked out on that Beast he slayed for filth. Caroline was wrecked.

    This storyline is Primetime in the Daytime. Caroline and the fans were left with the best Friday ending ever. Maya let us have it with I will succeed where you fail. I will be the next Forrester Matriach! The Bell’s dropped the MIC on Friday January the 9th.

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