Sarah Brown on Beacon Hill: "Sort of Like Going Back to College When I Studied Political Science"

Before taking part in General Hospital's recent "Carlypalooza", soap mega star Sarah Brown signed on for quite the political party, by accepting a starring role in Crystal Chappell's Beacon Hill.  In the ambitious online serial, Brown plays hot shot State Representative Katherine Wesley, who shares a steamy past with reporter Sara Preston (All My Children's Alicia Minshew).

Does Brown notice any difference in acting on a web soap, as opposed to a daytime sudser? "No, I wouldn't say there are any differences. The acting process is not different for a web series."

Brown admits there was quite the learning curve involved with becoming versed in Beacon Hill's world of political intrigue. READ MORE

Is General Hospital Recasting Sabrina Santiago?

Could General Hospital be looking to replace Teresa Castillo as Sabrina Santiago? That is the question Soap Opera Digest is asking, since ABC put out a casting call that sounds very similar to Sabrina. Reportedly, GH is looking for:

"Hispanic. 27-33. Beautiful, passionate, dynamic. Originally from Mexico [Sabrina, it should be noted, is a native of Puerto Rico], she has come to Port Charles to pursue a career in medicine." While the show is seeking a recurring player to fill the role, the casting notice asks, "Please only submit actresses that are open to the possibility of a Contract Role as well."

DC #757: The Da Vinci Code

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels dish the latest The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

Is Hope pregnant with Wyatt's child on The Bold and the Beautiful? Should Quinn and Liam have hate sex?

Daniel is drugged on Days of Our Lives. Has Lucas become the new Roman? Does Carrie need to return to Salem for a final storyline with Sami before Alison Sweeney leaves? Should Austin Peck return as Austin? What happened to JJ's storyline. It used to be "must see," but now it's a snore.

Dr. O and Madeline are sisters on General Hospital. Maxie returns to Port Charles with a wombat in tow. Lulu and Dante get their son back and give him a new name. 

Why are new characters on General Hospital and The Young and the Restless being introduced with complicated, secret back stories? Do fans care about stories that happen off screen, or do they want to see them play out in the present?

The Young and the Restless is throwing a fashion show and the DC crew is loving it. Lily having a female rival is bringing the character alive. Who is Leslie's mysterious new husband? Neil and Hilary kiss, but is Devon falling for her?

All this and much more on today's Daytime Confidential podcast!


INTERVIEW: Ron Raines Dishes Beacon Hill, Guiding Light, OLTL and Broadway

Guiding Light and One Life to Live veteran Ron Raines is once again bursting soap bubbles, this time on Crystal Chappell's political soap Beacon Hill. I caught up with Raines to find out about his new gig as sinister Senator William Preston. Is his new character even more ruthless than GL's Alan Spaulding?

Raines also shared his thoughts on the end of Prospect Park's version of OLTL , his work on Broadway and what it would take to get him on one of the four remaining daytime sudsers.

Daytime Confidential: What's it like working with your former Guiding Light castmates, Crystal Chappell, Ricky Paull Goldin, and Tina Sloan, again?

Ron Raines: Great.  First of all, they are all colleagues of mine from Guiding Light that I truly adore and have worked with all of them. I have had heavy storylines with each of them. Beacon Hill is just starting now, and I am hoping to repeat some of the chemistry that we had on Guiding Light. READ MORE

Days of Our Lives' Greg Vaughan and Wife Split

Days of Our Lives star Greg Vaughan and wife, model/actress Touriya, have separated after nine years of marriage. Vaughan made the announcement on Instagram and stated:


Pop Confidential EXCLUSIVE: Best-Selling Humorist Sara Barron Talks Female Comedians, Porn and Conjuring Orphaned Teen Models While Pooping

In just a few short weeks we are relaunching an all-new version of the Pop Confidential blog, in conjunction with the return of the brand's iTunes podcast series. As part of the relaunch, we have tons of fun interviews, polls and other content as a sample for our Daytime Confidential readers. 

Up first is the hilarious chat I had below with best-selling humorist Sara Barron, who recently returned to bookstores and e-Readers with her second essay collection, The Harm In Asking. We couldn't stop laughing while reading the tome, written by a woman the LA Times said is "as funny as David Sedaris". Read on to find out why she continues to receive such lofty and spot-on praise.

Pop Confidential: Congrats on your second essay collection, The Harm in Asking: My Clumsy Encounters With The Human Race, making its debut. How did your writing process differ this time around from penning People Are Unappealing?

Sara Barron: Sophomore efforts are notoriously more hellish than their freshman equivalents, and I feel like now, I understand why. I expected this second book to be the easier of the two to write. I’d done it once before; I’d hoped to be more seasoned; when in fact it proved immeasurably harder. There’s the pressure to prove you can do it again, and do it better, plus the fact that you are now working with a smaller well of experience. In my first book, I could defer to my tried and true comic stories—I wrote a pornographic screenplay when I was 11! I masturbated myself into a wrist brace when I was 17!—whereas with this second one, I had to dig deeper for my subjects. I had to do more with them once I found them. READ MORE