All My Children: Yaya DaCosta Out?

Is former America's Next Top Model contestant Yaya DaCosta leaving All My Children? According to TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco's Suds Report she is. This may explain why she hasn't appeared in the opening credits as one Daytime Confidential listener inquired about on the Daytime Confidential comment line.

DaCosta, whose character has only been in Pine Valley since early spring is set to appear in The Shanghai Hotel as Kendra. For more on her upcoming role visit IMDB.


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Sort of related, buy Yaya is actually featured in an Off-Broadway production of The First Breeze of Summer at the Signature Theatre in August and September:

Soap actors due double-duty in theatre all the time, but maybe she is getting anxious to spread her wings if she sees she won't be getting much storyline coming up?

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I really hope she isn't leaving. She is the reason I started watching AMC. It's nice to see color in daytime.

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I don't want Yaya to leave but I really hope they don't kill the character. Recast if they have to, but don't kill her. I was hoping for a serious Dre and Cassie romance and for Dre's music career to jump off and Cassie to have to deal with that while trying to help Dre write songs and he being so busy he's putting her off. That would've been more interesting than killing her off...