Andrea Evans on "The View" Today!

First there was the countdown for her return on TV Guide Canada's Suds Report, next it was the interview with Entertainment Tonight, then it was being deemed the, Hot Slut of The Week then bumped up to Hot Slut of The Month.

Now, One Life To Live star Andrea Evans has made it to the ladies of The View. The daytime diva will be on today's show dishing with the ladies all about her soap career and the role that has made her a household name, Tina Lord Roberts now Crown Princess of Mendorra.

Be sure to set your TiVos, or if your old school your VCR's, to hear what she has to say about reprising the role of the vixen that OLTL's executive producer Frank Valentini states is, "among the most requested characters to return to the show."


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The way ABC has been promoting her appearance is that they are going to focus (probably ad nauseum) on her traumatic experience with the stalker.

If they do, it will be a great disservice to Ms. Evans. The event was a terrifying turning point for her, but it was years and years ago. Andrea Evans has a history and built a legacy on OLTL and daytime in general that transcends that one (albeit hugely important) episode and if the ladies of The View focus on it (as I know they will), it will only serve to serve the show's infamous focus on the superfificial when it comes to celebrity interviews.

(Prediction: Joy, who hates soaps and has said so many times, will sneer through most of the interview until the time to talk about the stalker pops up.)
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