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Hope Already Has Steffy and Liam Signed Up For Divorce Court on The Bold and the Beautiful

Was everyone else as depressed as I was while watching The Bold and The Beautiful this week?  My heart broke when Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) lost the baby, but as I watched, this episode made me feel just like Steffy.  Liam arrived to pick up his distraught wife and checked her out of the hospital.  Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Thomas (Adam Gregory) looked on in concern. 

Steffy apologized to Liam as my favorite soap trick, flashbacks, played on.  Even though we saw just how angry Liam really was with his wife the day prior – how great were those scenes – he explained Steffy’s reasoning for getting on the bike.  I want to know why these soap writers insist on killing babies! READ MORE

Liam is Devastated on The Bold and the Beautiful!

A devastated Liam (Scott Clifton) begged Dr. Meade (Jon Hensley) to tell him if the baby was okay. Dr. Meade informed him Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) took a hard hit in the accident.  He was pretty confident the baby didn’t survive the impact of the accident, because they couldn't find a heartbeat.  Dr. Meade told Liam he would call Taylor, (Hunter Tylo) and I wanted Liam to call Bill (Don Diamont).  I felt awful for Liam, just awful. READ MORE

Bill Tells Maya to Stay Away From Rick on the Bold and the Beautiful

Donna (Jennifer Gareis) asks Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) if she’s sure there’s a baby on board, since just the other day she was telling her menopause had hit.  Donna realizes Bill (Don Diamont) is the baby's daddy, and Brooke runs again. I’m starting to see a pattern here.  Donna isn’t as dumb as she looks sometimes, and calls Brooke out on being in love with Bill.  Brooke explains to Donna she thought Katie and Bill’s marriage was over, when Katie (Heather Tom) took off her rings. Katie even told Brooke she should have Bill.  Donna thinks Brooke’s current situation sounds a lot like when Hope (Kim Matula) was conceived.  READ MORE

Rick Tries to Dump Caroline on the Bold and the Beautiful!

Rick (Jacob Young) is unsure he and Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) have said all that needs to be said, but they are interrupted by Bill, (Don Diamont) who is looking for Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).  He congratulates his niece on a job well done.

Caroline asks her uncle how he manages to hold on to what he’s acquired, since she’s losing what she’s gained. Caroline tells Maya's (Karla Mosley) story to Bill.  He asks if Rick and Caroline are committed to one another, by asking how many times her back’s been broken.

Bill declares Rick is not going to treat his niece like a “friend with benefits.” Caroline admits Rick was about to break up with her when Bill walked in. She needs to know what to do with the time she bought herself.  Bill hands out some sound advice to Caroline, “1. Know your enemy. 2. Have back up and moral support.”  Bill signs up for Team Caroline.  I must admit I’m intrigued to see these two do their worst.  READ MORE

Brooke, You Can Run, but You Can't Hide on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) was in disbelief over the doctor's news that she is pregnant. I’m confused as to what kind of doctor drops tests results on her patient at a charity event.  While Brooke learned she is carrying the latest Spencer child, Katie (Heather Tom) and Bill (Don Diamont) rekindled their love at Spencer.  They wondered how Caroline’s charity event went. Bill knew Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) knocked it out of the park, simply because her last name is Spencer.

Caroline and Rick (Jacob Young) were coming off the high of the very successful charity event.  She informed Rick that his and the Forrester men’s abs helped her raise $100,000.  I truly find the amount amazing, since she threw that thing together in a day and a half. Most charity events take months and months of planning, and could only hope to raise a fraction of those earnings.  Rick and Caroline settled in for a serious talk about their relationship, and the snotty Caroline we’ve come to love went away.  Caroline wanted things to be better with her and Rick.  Caroline asked if she could fix whatever went wrong, and mentioned how things have changed since Maya entered their lives. He tried to explain about him and Maya, but Caroline fast talked her way around Rick telling her how he feels about Maya (Karla Mosley). 

Eric Stands by Stephanie as She Faces Cancer on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) confronted Bill (Don Diamont) about Katie. She demanded to know what he’d done to make Katie (Heather Tom) so upset.  Brooke's blood pressure went through the roof when she found out Bill was responsible for getting Deacon (Sean Kanan) out of jail!

Katie admitted she didn’t know how she’d manage if Bill went to prison.  Katie and Bill then revealed Donna (Jennifer Gareis) had seen Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) having sex. READ MORE