The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recaps

The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Stephanie Blasts Eric

Rick kept badgering his mother about her relationship with Ridge. Being the good, adult child that he is, he preyed on Brooke's insecurities about Taylor. He assumed that Ridge ran to Taylor's and stayed the night. She told him that he had to honor Steffy's request to break their engagement. Rick balked and Brooke, in a moment of clarity, asked him who was manipulating who. The clouds returned when Ridge called a bit later.  READ MORE

The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Ridge and Brooke's Marriage Takes a Hit

Rick continued to widen the rift in his mother's marriage to Ridge. Brooke defended Rick, accusing Ridge and Taylor of purposely entrapping him.  After Taylor told Ridge that he basically should leave Taylor, Brooke accused her of using Ridge to further her own agenda. Taylor told Brooke that she is hearing what she only wants to hear, as usual. Brooke told Taylor that her attempts to split them up were "pathetic and embarrasing to watch." They left shortly after and Taylor waited for Steffy to return home. READ MORE

The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Steffy Confronts Rick

Taylor and Ridge hid out upstairs, while their slonkey daughter blasted Rick's ass downstairs. The drama continued to unfold as Steffy tried to make heads or tails of the recorded conversation that Ridge made. Rick insisted that he was set up and provoked by Ridge. Steffy did not believe him and played the recording of Rick's utter disrespect for her and her father. Rick is a bit too old to be playing the "your dad made my mom and me miserable our entire lives" card, especially since Brooke is married to the guy, but you can't blame Rick for trying! Steffy insisted on knowing what her father said, or did, to provoke such ugly, hateful words. READ MORE

The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Jackie Pushes Owen to Bridget

Jackie/Owen/Bridget: What more can be said about our gal Bridget Forrester? She's beautiful and intelligent, but I have to wonder where her common sense is. Owen and Jackie were redressing and debating the merits of going out or staying in. Owen had worked up a ravenous appetite and wanted to head out for some chow. Jackie, on the other hand, was reluctant to be out in public so she wanted to order in. Owen prevailed and to anchor their working relationship, he grabbed some file folders as they headed out the door. Good thinking, 'cause everybody works really late into the night from the bosses apartment. READ MORE

The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Owen Puts in Overtime

There wasn't much progression on the storyline front today. 

Owen/Jackie: Owen finished washing Jackie's back while teasing her with sweet nothings in his skimpy black underwear before they took it out of the bathtub. Jackie wasn't too concerned with the show she was putting on for Los Angeles by her big picture window, but she hesitated when Owen made his move. Color me dumb, but if there is a guy scrubbing your back in his underwear, my guess is that he's lookin' for a little somethin' somethin'. READ MORE

The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Recap: Rick Overplays His Hand

Rick/Ridge: This round for L.A.'s most pompous ass was won by Rick when he decided that Ridge was too dumb to ever get out of being blackmailed. Ridge, who is as tired of Rick playing a nice guy for everyone else as we are, set Rick up to have a conversation with him and a laptop recorder. Rick's tirade of how much he hated Ridge all came out. Ridge encouraged the dumb kid to keep yapping, and yap he did. Rick admitted that his relationship with Steffy was all about revenge, not love. He also stated that if Ridge blew it for him that he would take Steffy away and he would lose another daughter. READ MORE