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The Hollywood Reporter Publishes Article Filled With Errors on Online Soap Reboots

Maybe it isn't such a good thing that the mainstream entertainment press is so temporarily enamored by behind-the-scenes soap drama? Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter ran an article chock full of inaccuracies concerning the latest leg in the ABC vs. Prospect Park battle. 

For starters, THR's report claims in its subhead that ABC filed a lawsuit over an advertising spot for the new One Life to Live and All My Children. The actual text of the article doesn't say anything about a lawsuit filed by ABC,  it instead states:

ABC sources say the network was willing to accept ads within GH because of the licensing relationship, but on April 17 when Prospect submitted an ad for OLTL that included Howarth prominently. ABC refused it -- on the grounds that it would confuse the audience. READ MORE