DC EXCLUSIVE: Former ABC Soap Scribe-Turned-YA Novelist Francine Pascal Dishes Sweet Valley Confidential and Diablo Cody’s Big Screen Version of SVH!

One of the coolest perks to being a blogger is that it sometimes allows you the opportunity to chat with some of your childhood, pop culture idols. Recently I had the chance to do just that when I interviewed Francine Pascal, the prolific creator of the Sweet Valley series of novels, featuring Southern California's most soaptastic identical twins ever—Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield.
  Pascal, who along with her late husband John, got their start writing for the ABC Daytime soap opera The Young Marrieds, and initially pitched Sweet Valley High as a daytime sudser, talks about her upcoming adult novel Sweet Valley Confidential, which will revisit the saga of Jess, Liz, their friends, lovers and frenemies, 10 years after they graduated from high school. Is Pascal worried fans of her original YA series will have a hard time adjusting to Liz and Jess now talking about and having orgasms? Not even!

Speaking of YA readers, one of the most successful authors of all time weighs in on the current phenomenon of novels aimed at teens and tweens basically kepping the publishing industry stable. She also dishes about her role as a creative consultant for the 2012 big screen adaptation of Sweet Valley High, which is being written by Oscar-winner Diablo Cody. The next few years will be the back-to-back Years of Sweet Valley and this fanboy couldn't be happier.

Daytime Confidential: The Sweet Valley Universe is making quite the comeback! Diablo Cody is penning a big screen version of Sweet Valley High, and in March 2011, your long-anticipated novel Sweet Valley Confidential, which picks up with the lives of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield 10 years after they graduated from high school, will be released. How did these new projects come about?

Francine Pascal: I had the idea for Sweet Valley Confidential a long time ago. Of course, delving back into the world of Sweet Valley all these years later was a long and at times, challenging endeavor. But the process was quite magnificent and I’m hoping the fans will approve! As for Diablo Cody’s movie version, it all just fell into place naturally and I couldn’t be more thrilled!