Watch Nia Long Give Eddie Cibrian Some Sweet, Brown Sugah in The Best Man Holiday! (TRAILER)

Harper, Lance, Quentin, Mia, Jordan and the rest of the gang will all be back on the big screen this November in The Best Man Holiday! The long-anticipated sequel to Malcolm D. Lee's soapy 1999 flick, The Best Man, reunites Guiding Light alums Taye Diggs (Harper) and Nia Long (Jordan) with Morris Chestnut (Lance), Sanaa Lathan (Robin), Monica Calhoun (Mia), Harold Perrineau (Julian), Regina Hall (Candy), Terrence Howard (Quentin) and Melissa de Sousa (Shelby). Also along for what is sure to be another scandalous ride, is The Young and the Restless and Sunset Beach bad boy Eddie Cibrian as Jordan's man, Brian!

In the original flick, Harper's Peyton Place-style novel about his college days set the drama straight OFF, once his friends began to figure out which of his characters each were based on. The most stunned—and infuriated—turned out to be Harper's best friend, Lance, who realized his boy had banged his new bride, Mia, back when they were coeds.

I can't wait to find out what kind of hot, messy, goodness Harper causes in The Best Man Holiday. Watch the trailer below!


LIVE BLOG: 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Daytime Confidential's Official Live Blog for The 40th Annual Daytime Emmys! We'll get started in a bit, but drop me a line in the comments on what you expect for the evening!

The show is officially underway y'all! I caught some of the red carpet show, but I didn't see many soap stars. I don't know what that's about, but I digress.

We open with hosts Robin Meade, Sam Champion and AJ Hammer. I like Robin's dress. They're rambling about the Daytime Emmys turning 40 this year. Oh great, they're going to sing. Now, Robin is singing. I don't understand what's happening here.

Okay. Sam is doing a Daytme Emmy Doppler radar. I still have yet to see something that features a soap star. They just showed George Lucas who looks like he'd rather have a V8 than be in the audience. I'm kind of feeling your pain George.

So Sheryl Underwood is going to interview all the stars as they win their awards on stage. She's going to fan girl ALL OVER the place, as she's a long time soap fan.

The nominees for Outstanding Younger Actor all come out on stage. They're presenting:


And The Emmy Goes To...


Morgan Fairchild Tries to Remember Her Soap Roles on Watch What Happens Live!

Ageless sex kitten Morgan Fairchild has appeared in practically every daytime and primetime soap opera ever produced. She's also done her fair share of sitcoms and procedurals. This made her the perfect candidate for a game of "Name That Show" on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live.

Fairchild played the game with reality star Kate Gosselin during her recent appearance on the zany, late night Bravo series. Find out which of Fairchild's memorable soap turns came up during the segment, after the jump!

That Sure is a Big…Brain: Soaps’ 10 Smartest, Sexiest Supercouples


With the return of acerbic, comical newspaper man Jack Deveraux (Matt Ashford) to Salem on Days of Our Lives, one of soap's smartest, sexiest pairings, Jack and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), have been reunited. Well, not quite. There is the matter of Jenn's hairy, hunky new boyfriend Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) for the roving reporter to contend with.

Never fear. Our boy Jack's no stranger to having to use his brains to best another man's brawn when it comes to Jennifer Rose. Remember Emilo Ramirez or Hawk Hawkins? Yeah, neither do we. In celebration of Jack and Jenn getting another shot at a little, ahem, intelligent interaction, let's look back at 10 of daytime's smartest couples.