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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

January 14 - January 20, 2008

ARIES: Everyone has big ideas on how to get your latest projects off the ground. Take what you hear with a grain of salt, however, as some people, unlike you, tend to talk big without any of the facts! Stay on top of your game with a healthy diet, exercise and plenty of rest. That way, like Aries Jennifer Garner ("Alias"), you'll be ready at a moment's notice to handle any sudden or unexpected situations that come your way this week. Put extra money away for a rainy day; you'll be glad you did by the end of the month!

TAURUS: This is the week you finally get some answers, which kick you into a sort of rebirth. Problems that have kept you stuck for more than a year finally start to clear, and you can finally make a fresh start.!Like fellow Taurus Barbara Streisand, you seem to have nine lives, recreating yourself over and over in fresh and exciting ways. A little extra money comes your way this week, but you'll spend it faster than you can stop to record it in your checkbook!

GEMINI: You may think you're seeing double this week, as two exciting opportunities pull you first one way, and then the other. Knowing you, you'll be jumping back and forth between the two, on the off chance you can get both! Emulate Geminis Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, captilizing on the endless energy and innovation these two are known for. Take careful note of all you do, as you're prone to losing a series of personal items or forgetting an important appointment as you rush through the days.

CANCER: Like Cancer Sophia Bush ("One Tree Hill"), it seems like there's a new challenge every time you turn around! Keep from getting discouraged by reminding yourself that the worst is over, and it's just a matter of getting things back into balance and up to par. Take it easy when you can, as quiet time and rest are the key to maintaining a productive pace. Good news comes by phone or email, and you may soon have an unexpected visitor on your doorstep!

LEO: Leo Sally Struthers made her debut as Gloria in "All in the Family", a hallmark sitcom that changed the face of TV forever. You're on a mission to change the world yourself, breaking out of stereotypes and carving a new path for yourself. When the going gets tough, resist the urge to whine and simply let out a big roar! That should clear a path so you can move forward with ease and stealth. A run of insomnia drains your energy, so take naps to assure you're getting enough sleep to move those mountains this week!

VIRGO: Your curiosity gets the better of you this week, and you may feel like a daytime talk show host with all the questions you're tossing around. It worked for Virgo Ricki Lake, so go ahead and get as much information as you can! Health issues crop up, but a quick visit to the doctor clears them. Someone you've been on the outs with wants to make nice, but you're still not ready to forgive and forget. Be careful with money; what looks like an innocent purchase could throw your budget off for months!

LIBRA: Kirk Cameron ("Growing Pains") always seems to land on his feet, mainly because he has the best of intentions, no matter what the outcome. Emulate this fellow Libra by keeping a positive perspective on things. Everyone still wants you to come to their rescue, but now that the crises' have passed, encourage them to handle problems on their own. You're still at a loss as to what your next move will be, so make time this week for creative pursuits, biding your time with an art or writing project until more information appears.

Your brilliance is on display for the whole world to see this week, and there's nothing you can't accomplish! Approach everything with humor, disarming upset or angry people with one-liners. Like Scorpio John Cleese ("Monty Python"), your take on the world is that you're normal; everyone else just needs to catch up! You've been thinking about relocating for a while now; take some action on your dreams by visiting the place you'd like to move, and seeing what happens!

SAGITTARIUS: You're in the process of setting new boundaries, as you've had enough chaos in your life thanks to other people's dramas. As Sagittarius Dick Van Patten's beloved TV show "Eight is Enough" suggests, you have to draw the line somewhere! Walk away from a bad situation at work and let the higher ups figure it out; after all, they're the ones who caused the troubles! You get an offer you can't refuse this weekend, that has the potential to take you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary!

CAPRICORN: Innovative, sharp and on top of the latest trends, you emulate "Good Morning America"'s Capricorn Diane Sawyer. Someone tries to snow you at work, but you see right through them. Don't tolerate slackers or whiners; just put them in their place with your quick wit and ability to state the obvious. You're busy with a home improvement project this weekend; make a list to assure you'll have all the supplies you need close at hand. You've been thinking about going independent with your work; toss out a few nets and see if the time is right!

AQUARIUS: The possibilities are endless this week, so don't let fear, self-doubt or popular opinion sway your determination. After all, where would Aquarius Ellen DeGeneres be if she had decided to hide her light under a barrel? Research the facts before taking on bigger and better work, as the numbers aren't quite adding up. You may find that you're better off where you are once you do the math, so make it a point this week to get to the bottom of things before you decide whether to go or stay put and wait for a better offer.

PISCES: Like Pisces James Doohan, (Scotty - "Star Trek"), everyone depends on you to direct traffic this week. You probably won't get much done, as others expect you to advise, support or "beam them up"! Plan a little getaway for the weekend to recharge, or you'll end up being everyone's "dear Abby"! And remember that raise you've been waiting for? Time to ask directly! You discover a great way to make extra cash from the comfort of your own home, bolstering that resolution you made a few weeks ago to regain your financial stability this year!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Jason Bateman ("Arrested Development"), Lloyd Bridges ("Sea Hunt"), Kate Moss ("Unzipped"), Jim Carrey ("In Living Color"), Kevin Costner ("Mr. Brooks"), Jodie Sweetin ("Full House") and Bill Maher ("Politically Incorrect").

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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

January 7 - January 13, 2008

ARIES: Your diplomatic side emerges this week, which makes people wonder just what you're really up to. Keep them guessing, as you'll want to keep your own personal plans under wrap for a few more weeks. Fairness and objectivity are your mottos, as you try to get everyone to "play nice"! Like Aries Melissa Joan Hart ("Sabrina, The Teenage Witch") you're torn between letting things just happen, or tossing a little magic into the mix to lean things in your favor. I'd go with the magic myself!

TAURUS: You keep everyone in stitches with your keen observations this week, emulating Taurus Jerry Seinfield to get their full attention. Maintain a humorous view of your own life too, and you'll be able to dodge the blocks and overcome any unexpected obstacles with ease. A new idea is incubating, so start doing a little research now to determine your next step. Finances start to improve, and from the looks of things, you may soon be laughing all the way to the bank!

GEMINI: You mind is racing this week, as idea after idea starts coming at you. Don't forget to breathe, and take lots of notes. And please, put them in a place you can find them later! Like Gemini Keenen Ivory Wayans, the force behind the success of "In Living Color", you're building new opportunities from the ground up, making detailed notations and plans for the future. Your biggest challenge will be keeping up with an already packed schedule while adding new enterprises. Oh well, you can sleep next week!

CANCER: Cancer Tom Hanks has evolved radically since he appeared on the scene in TV's "Bosom Buddies" in the 80's, and never hesitates to take on new and challenging roles. You may not be trying out for a new sitcom or movie, but you will be maneuvering through some interesting challenges this week. Pace yourself, be patient, and keep moving; before you know it, you'll have a brand new "role" and a brand new path to consider!

LEO: It's time for a makeover to greet the new year, and most Leo's will start with a new hairdo, revamping their manes as they prepare to venture out into new and uncharted territory. Your reputation proceeds you, and like Leo Matt LeBlanc (Joey - "Friends"), it's time to break out of the typecast roles everyone has pinned on you. Seek out the unusual, the extraordinary and the rare, as you reclaim your individuality and carve out a new niche for yourself in 2008!

VIRGO: Stretch yourself this week, breaking out of the routine and taking a few risks! Like Virgo Will Smith, you've made some stellar progress over the last few years; you're on a roll so don't stop now! You've eliminated the clutter in your home, and now it's time to do the same in your personal life. Though you're great at drawing new friends into your midst, it's getting a little crowded, so it's time to let go of a few that aren't really jiving with your new lifestyle and focus!

LIBRA: What in the world could Libras Simon Cowell and Taylor Hicks have in common besides "American Idol"? They both have the same birthday! You feel like singing this week too, as things finally align and new directions are not only confirmed, but encouraged! Though you may seem the most unlikely choice for an important job, it's coming your way, so be prepared to let go of some old obligations to make room for an exciting new one!

SCORPIO: You're more a supporting actor than the star this week, but that doesn't mean your work won't be appreciated. Like Scorpio Cody Linley (Jake - "Hannah Montana") everyone leans heavily on your presence, just for security and support. Don't be surprised when you get a call or email from an old friend or business associate, though you will be surprised by what they have to say! This could be the breakthrough you've been waiting for!

SAGITTARIUS: You're always up for trying new things, and you'll have many opportunities to do just that this week. A new sport, hobby or relationship takes most of your focus, and like Sagittarius Christina Applegate ("Married With Children", "Samantha Who?") whatever you're doing, you'll give it your all! Try not to take another's thoughtlessness personally, or you'll waste a lot of time trying to figure out what you did wrong. Soon enough, you'll discover that the answer to that question is, "nothing"!

CAPRICORN: You're playing corporate "pirate" this week, and like no-nonsense Capricorn Orlando Bloom ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), people better either join your team or get out of the way! This is the week you put all your great ideas into action, so expect to burn the midnight oil. Block out a space of time to spend with loved ones though, as they'll be pouting by the weekend if you don't!

AQUARIUS: You tend to get bored if things aren't changing all the time, but really, couldn't you use a break, just for a few days? Your real job this week is to cast a lighthearted and humorous tone on everyone else's challenges, so emulate Aquarius Chris Rock and throw them off guard with your outrageous observations! Besides, don't you have some work to catch up on that got "lost in translation" over the holidays?

PISCES: Your optimism is contagious, even though everyone knows your a bit idealistic about future plans. Don't let them take the wind out of your sails though; just take a page out of "Sex and the City" character Charlotte's book (Pisces Kristen Davis) and never let go of your dreams. And speaking of that, there's a dreamy new romance coming your way, if you're lucky enough to be a single Pisces still on the market!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Nicolas Cage ("Moonstruck"), Kathleen Noone (Edna Wallace - "Passions"), Bob Denver (Gilligan - "Gilligan's Island"), Ray Bolger (Scarecrow - "Wizard of Oz"), Kim Coles ("Living Single"), Kirstie Alley ("Cheers", "Veronica's Closet"), and Patrick Dempsey ("Grey's Anatomy").

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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

December 31 - January 6, 2008

ARIES: Your goal for the new year is "authenticity". As you prepare your resolutions list, keep the focus on refining and redefining your wonderful self! Emulate Aries Alec Guiness, practicing a more calm and centered demeanor, no matter what's going on around you. You meant to get things organized last week, but fate intervened, so use the last of the holiday season and first few days of the new year to box up that clutter, bag up those clothes and purge those outdated computer files.

TAURUS: "Commitment" is your motto this year, as you go about recreating yourself from the ground up. New activities, friends and goals mark the new landscape for 2008. New Year's Eve is a great time to let go of the past, so do some journaling about 2007, then burn it with a white candle, as a "once-and-for-all" cleansing. Fellow Taurus Candice Bergen is a great example of the amazing power you have to evaluate what's not working, visualize what will work, and then make it a reality!

GEMINI: It's time to clear a path for new beginnings, but that means eliminating relationships, dreams, work or bad habits that have held you back for over a year or longer. Your priorities shift drastically when you take on a cause dear to your heart; like Gemini Michael J. Fox, it's not so much what the focus is; the important thing is that you'll give it your all! So make your goal this year "empowerment." All the pieces are in place to bring all your dreams into reality - you just have to plug into the Universe!

CANCER: Cool, calm and collected, you move into a new year with optimism and grace. Your goal for 2008 is to become more objective and just a little less emotional, so you'll be able to make more authentic choices rather than reacting. Like Cancer Kevin Bacon, you don't let life define you, and you won't be "typecast", no matter what! Your only new years resolution revolves around health, and this is the year you can bring your physical being back into balance.

LEO: Your main objective this year is "integrity", so keep that in mind as you create your new year resolutions list. Emulate Leo newscaster Peter Jennings and commit to double-checking the facts to make sure all is in order. You've solved the rest of the worlds problems this last year, and walked many a friend or family member through difficult times. Now it's time for you! Make 2008 the year you break free of restrictions and let your inner light shine, focusing on personal goals and growth!

VIRGO: The down-to-earth and practical wisdom of Virgo Merlin Olsen always tends to show up in the roles he plays on TV, ("Little House on The Prairie", "Highway to Heaven"). Wisdom is your strong suit too, and sharing more of it with the world is a theme for you in 2008. Teach or take a class, adopt a humanitarian cause, or start writing that book you've been meaning to for the last few years! An extensive resolution list will set you up to fail; instead, make one small change a week, then add more as the year unfolds.

LIBRA: You've weathered a lot of frustration over the last year; endless blocks and false starts. That's all about to change now, so keep that same optimistic view Libra Tom Bosley maintained as "Mr. C" on "Happy Days"! You're ready to break free, anticipating a new job, relationship or location, as all the dreams you've been trying to manifest now start to present themselves like magic! This week you've got one foot in 2007 and one in 2008, as you try to clear out the clutter of last year in the midst of diving into the future! Good thing you have that balancing act down pat!

SCORPIO: When Scorpio Larry King interviews a guest, they have his total attention. So whatever you do this year, give it your all by maintaining focus, drive and discipline. You'll need some financial help to get an idea "off the ground", and it's there for the taking when you stop "asking" and start "expecting". You won't have time to get to the year-end tasks you'd planned on this week, thanks to an exciting new idea you're already working on. No problem; toss them in a box, where they'll be easier to find in April!

SAGITTARIUS: You've been walking the straight and narrow for some time now, with little results, so make 2008 the year you "live" outside the box! Take a few risks, let your hair down, and say whatever's on you mind, emulating the quirky movements of fellow Sagittarius, Ben Stiller. Make spontaneity your theme this year. You're the first one at the "white sales" this week, and the last to leave, as you collect wonderful things to give your home a "face lift" for the new year ahead!

CAPRICORN: Like Capricorn Mary Tyler Moore, you spend more time making sure everyone else is happy this week, with little regard to the work that's piling up at the office. You'll make up for lost time next week, but for now, loved ones need your full and undivided attention. You've already implemented most of your new year resolutions, which makes for an easy transition into 2008. Your focus this year is on friendships, and you tend to draw new compadres to you wherever you go!

AQUARIUS: A stronger and more confident you emerges this year, and like Aquarius Stockard Channing ("West Wing") you just seem to get better and better with time. You're caught between a mix of emotions and practicality this week, so avoid making any decisions or resolutions that are simply impossible to enact right now. Your theme for the year is "advancement", and you'll finally see all the aspects of life you've been assembling become a solid structure you can build your incredible dreams on.

PISCES: Pisces Dakota Fanning has a reputation for being wise beyond her years, as well as a chameleon in the roles she plays. You'll take on many new colors and challenges this year as well, so rest up this week as we transition from 2007 to 2008. You're not one for making resolutions of any kind, but to get the most out of all the opportunities that come your way, being in optimum health would be a good idea. So find a way to work more exercise and less chocolate into the new year!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Tim Matheson ("West Wing"/"Animal House"), Eden Riegel (Bianca Montgomery "AMC"), Cuba Gooding Jr. ("Jerry McGuire"), Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper - "The Wonder Years", Jesse White (The Maytag Repairman), George Reeves (Original TV "Superman" ), and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean).

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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

December 24 - December 30, 2007

ARIES: With all the preparations in place, it's time to take a break! Though you're always on the lookout for troubles to solve, it's time to just enjoy the abundance of love and fun in your life. Even Aries Sarah Michelle Geller-Prinze ("Buffy The Vampire Slayer") knows when it's time to stop and smell the roses! Or in this case, the pine wreaths! Don't keep track of who gives and gets what: Appreciate what you get and revel in the joy you bring to those lucky enough to be the recipients of your generosity!

TAURUS: Remember Gary Owens, the quirky Taurus announcer for "Laugh-In"? You'll be narrating all the events this week, keeping track of loved ones and making sure everyone has a wonderful Christmas. Resist a temptation to "re-gift" something, or you'll likely give it back to the very person who gave it to you! You get much more than you give, which makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, but you deserve every bit of it!

GEMINI: Keep plenty of mistletoe on hand, as there's romance in the air all week long! You're making some new resolutions already, but have no intention of putting them into action until one second after midnight on New Year's Eve, so enjoy yourself! Your convictions come out during a family discussion, and like Gemini Noah Wyle ("ER"), when the talks come to a close, everyone knows exactly where you stand. Yes, that glittery package under the tree is for you; and now you'll get to see what's inside!

CANCER: Cancer Dan Aykroyd ("SNL") took great care in protecting and holding his family together in the comedy film "The Coneheads", and that's your main priority this week too. Holidays are for family, though you may have to round them up like a herd of cats to get them all in the same place at the same time! You should be applauded for your great reserve in not peeking at the packages under your tree these last few weeks. Your patience has paid off, and now you can tear through them with abandon!

LEO: If you feel like you're in some kind of sitcom where nothing goes right, you're not alone! Like Leo Vivian Vance (Ethel - "I Love Lucy"), it may seem you're ending up in messes that are not of your own making! Not to worry though, who better to handle them than a resourceful Leo? You were so good about making and sharing your Christmas wish list with others, that you end up with two or three of every single thing you asked for!

VIRGO: You're ready and pumped for the new year ahead, and like Virgo Jack Lalanne, a television fitness guru for over 50 years, you've got the diet, the blender, the exercise video and a bowflex on the way! Just don't forget there's another week before the new year begins, or you'll miss all the fun and celebrations going on right under your nose! Yes, you'll definitely have to make a few returns this year, but keep in mind the intention of the giver, and thank them for their thoughtfulness.

LIBRA: Everything goes just as you planned over this holiday week, which makes all your efforts feel very gratifying. You're still pondering the new image and goals you want to achieve in the new year ahead. Like Libra Simon Cowell ("American Idol") you'll definitely be expressing a softer and more easy-going tone in 2008. You've been so busy buying presents you forgot there are a few coming your way; prepare to be touched by the generosity of others!

SCORPIO: You move with style and grace over the holidays, and like fellow Scorpio Demi Moore "("GH" Alumni) you seem to be ageless! A newfound energy comes from the projects you've been knee-deep in over the last month, as the more you have to do, the more you feel like doing! Take a breather and enjoy the holidays, at least for the first few days of the week. After all, there's a good chance you'll get a gift that makes the work you're doing much easier, especially if you put a request in for it!

SAGITTARIUS: Pat yourself on the back for making not only your work deadlines, but holiday deadlines as well! You're always one step ahead of the game, planning your next move, not unlike "Desperate Housewives" resident Sagittarius, Teri Hatcher. The best gift under the tree is something you forgot you always wanted, but someone else remembered. You have a few dear friends who are facing the holidays alone, so invite them over; after all, isn't your motto, "The more, the merrier"?

CAPRICORN: Your concern for others shows in your gifts this year, as you've carefully planned each one to make their lives a little easier, as well as a lot more fun! Like Capricorn Matt Lauer, you have a way of helping people understand themselves and the world a little better, so you'll be the one putting together toys, finding batteries, and repairing the ones that break before the wrapping even gets tossed. After that, you can spend some time playing with the great gifts you get!

AQUARIUS: The reason you love the holidays is the sparkle and imagination that comes with holiday tradition. You're always ready to try the unusual, tackle the impossible, and dream with imagination. Like Aquarius Elijah Woods ("Lord of the Rings"), the more "fantastical" the better! Take care that your hopes for the season don't set you up for disappointment, as expectation has a way of taking the wind out of your holiday sails. Live in the moment and focus on the fun!

PISCES: You tend to be a little hard on yourself this week, mainly because you've been trying to live up to the expectations of others. Like Pisces Kelsey Grammer ("Frasier"), keep in mind that you're always happy to give someone advice, but they are responsible for carrying it out, or not. The greatest gifts you get are most likely the simplest; homemade candy, a handmade ornament, or a warm hug from one of your favorite people you haven't seen in years!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Ryan Seacrest ("American Idol"), Rod Serling ("Twilight Zone"), John Walsh ("America's Most Wanted"), Eva La Rue-Callahan ("AMC"), Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura - "Star Trek"), Mary Tyler Moore, and Matt Lauer ("The Today Show").

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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

December 17 - December 23, 2007

ARIES: You work magic this week, and, like Aries Elizabeth Montgomery ("Bewitched") all it will take is the wiggle of the nose! Don't expect to get much rest, as you alternate between a mountain of work and holiday preparations. It all comes together beautifully by the weekend, so you can rest up during the remaining days of the year. Buy a few generic presents; you'll have some unexpected visitors this week, and they'll all be bearing wonderful gifts!

TAURUS: You discover just how many wonderful friends you have this week as the social invitations and holiday cheer pours in. Like Taurus Kim Fields (Tootie - "The Facts of Life") you're greatest joy is hanging out with your best friends. You also have Kim's flair for practical jokes, and can't resist playing a few on people at the office this week. You've done what you can for the year, so lock up shop this weekend and dive into the holidays with that enthusiasm and generosity you're so famous for!

GEMINI: While everyone else is hanging mistletoe, you're still hard at work, trying to complete self-imposed deadlines so you can enter a new year, ready to go. Like Gemini Johnny Depp ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), you maintain an intense focus on whatever project you're in the midst of, and it shows in your work. Take care when traveling this weekend, as unpredictable weather could delay your plans. The greatest gift you receive this season comes from a friend, and won't involve boxes or ribbons!

CANCER: Be extra careful this week, as gifts have a way of "walking off" before you even get home to wrap them! Lock your car doors and pay more attention to your surroundings. Cancer Tom Hanks ("Bosom Buddies", "Forrest Gump") often plays characters intent on protecting their loved ones, unconditionally. You have that same big heart, so your job is to make sure everyone has a spectacular Christmas. Because if they do, that's what makes your Christmas wonderful!

LEO: It's all about the love this week, as well as your anticipation for an exciting year ahead. Jennifer Lopez is one Leo who's finally seeing all her dreams come to life, and you're in the position to see yours come true as well! You'll spend most of the week helping your friends stay centered, which actually helps you stay centered. Home is where the heart is, so if you can't be there in person, make your presence known with a floral arrangement or a long chat over the phone.

VIRGO: You've undergone a lot of change this year, creating stronger boundaries and more stability for the future. Now that everything is in place, take a page out of Virgo Nicole Richie's book, and shift your attention to the great birth or rebirth that's about to take place. There's some pretty interesting gifts with your name on them appearing under the tree on a daily basis, making it hard to practice that disciplined waiting you're so good at. Not to worry, you'll find out soon enough what wonderful surprises await!

LIBRA: You can feel the seasons changing this week, making you more reflective that usual. Though you're full of holiday cheer, like Libra Lorraine Bracco ("The Sopranos"), you're busy building your inner strength for the new year ahead, ready to face whatever comes your way. Your mood shifts this weekend, as holiday celebrations pull you out of a pensive mood and back into the spotlight, where you belong! Check on that mail order gift; looks like it's been delayed between here and there.

SCORPIO: Everyone already knows that, just as in a favorite Christmas carol, you dance to the beat of a different drummer, so this holiday season, make it a point to buck convention and create a new tradition of your own! Like Scorpio Goldie Hawn, you've got so much more going on behind the scenes than you like to let on, but this week, you'll put your brilliance and visions right out on the table! You love the holidays, but there's so much else to do, it will be hard to sit still till 2008 arrives!

SAGITTARIUS: You're like a kid whenever the holiday season rolls around, but inattentiveness could get you in hot water! Scorpio Frankie Munez's role as Malcolm, ("Malcolm in the Middle") pretty much describes how easily you may be called on the carpet, so make sure your work is done before sneaking out early to pick up last-minute presents! You might feel shorted by someone's lack of a gift, but keep in mind the greatest gifts come from our own excitement, joy and love of giving!

CAPRICORN: In "The Pianist" Capricorn Adrian Brody portrays a strong and determined man, a hallmark of this sign of the zodiac. You tend to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders this week too, as everyone else flits about on personal errands as if they were Santa's personal elves. In truth, you can get more done with them out of the way. Resist the urge to take any work home over the holidays, as your presence is requested by family and friends who want to remind you that they value you for who you are, not just what you do!

AQUARIUS: It's time to put aside work and jump into the holiday season with both feet! Keep a watchful eye over family members, as you're more sensitive to their moods than anyone else. Give yourself permission to play, emulating the carefree but attentive character that Aquarius Tiffani-Amber Thiessen plays in "Saved by the Bell".  Just when you thought your holiday shopping was complete, a package arrives that has you rushing to the mailbox to send a reciprocal gift before it's too late!

PISCES: It's hard to keep your balance this week, especially when you realize how much there is still to do for the holidays, and how little time is left! Delegate, prioritize and simplify, or you'll never get it all done. Like Pisces Gary Sinese ("CSI - New York"), tune into your practical side and put emotions on the back burner until next week, during the actual holidays. There's still one person on your list you can't decide what to get, so stop debating different options in your head and just ask them!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Eugene Levy ("American Pie"), Brad Pitt ("Oceans 11"), Jake Gyllenhaal ("Brokeback Mountain"), John Hillerman ("Magnum PI"), Ray Romano ("Everybody Loves Raymond"), Barbara Billingsley ("Leave It To Beaver", and Susan Lucci ("AMC").

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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

December 10 - December 16, 2007

ARIES: Ever notice how Zach Braff (John Dorian "Scrubs") zips around Sacred Heart Hospital with seemingly endless energy? Surprise, he's an Aries like you! Things speed up this week, but you're on top of your game and ready for anything. Your biggest challenge will be maneuvering around all the slow pokes that get in your way. Party-hopping takes up most of your weekend, as you zip from one festivity to another to celebrate the season.

TAURUS: You get a lot of joy from giving to others, and your generosity expands even farther this week. If you're throwing a holiday party, don't sweat the small stuff. Everyone will be there, as your celebrations have a reputation for being lively and festive. And like Taurus Linda Dano (Rae Cummings - "OLTL"), you're the perfect host, no matter how big the crowd! Schedule in a nap or two this weekend, you'll be exhausted from all the fun!

GEMINI: You're walking around in a daze this week, sort of like Gemini Jerry Mathers' character "The Beave" on "Leave It To Beaver". If the world seems puzzling or out of balance, it's time to stop thinking so much and just live in the moment. Or better yet, quit procrastinating, put some of your favorite Christmas music on the stereo and start wrapping those presents that need to be in the mail this week!

CANCER: Nothing can dim that eternal optimism you carry this time of year, even if holiday plans keep getting changed. Like Cancer twins Tia and Tamara Mowry ("Sister Sister") you always look for the silver lining in any situation. You're having second thoughts about a holiday gift you recently purchased, but resist the urge to take it back or exchange it for something else. The fact is, they'll love it!

LEO: There's no problem too big or too small for you to put your two cents in this week. You're a powerhouse of information, and like fellow Leo Kim Cattrell (Samantha - "Sex And The City"), you actually thrive on the chaos you're confronted with this week. Though you'd love to throw a holiday party, you're much too busy; so just be sure to schedule in a cameo appearance at every one you're invited to attend!

VIRGO: Like Virgo Peter Falk's character in "Columbo", you've got your eyes and ears open for clues this week. Whether you're trying to find out what a loved one wants for Christmas, or crawling under the tree yourself to shake the presents, it's all about discovery. You always throw the perfect holiday party, but double check your guest list; it seems you forgot to invite a very special person!

LIBRA: You're a bit accident prone this week, so watch your step and drive defensively. Chevy Chase is one Libra who is an expert at pratfalls, but you're not, so move with caution. It's common to feel more emotional this time of year, so give yourself a break if you start feeling overwhelmed. A little self-nurturing will get you back on track, so give yourself permission to rest, get a massage or take a bubble bath!

SCORPIO: Your warmth embodies the holiday spirit wherever you go, and this week, it seems like you'll be going plenty of places! You've taken on a more youthful glow these days, and like Scorpio Sally Field ("Gidget", "Flying Nun") you know it's because you've been taking better care of yourself. A present you hid months ago turns up missing when you go to wrap it, but don't worry. You've just forgotten where it is: Happy hunting!

SAGITTARIUS: Duty calls this week, so while everyone else is out having holiday fun, you're stuck with the tasks. But, like Sagittarius Kieffer Sutherland ("24"), when there's work to be done you simply roll up your sleeves and get busy! Not to worry though, if you can get through Friday, you'll sail through the weekend like a fabulous social butterfly; fleeting from party to party like it's Oscar night!

CAPRICORN: Looking for the secret to success? You already know it. It's having a passion for what you do. Like Capricorn Ryan Seacrest, who seems to pop up in every entertainment venue around, it's time to start networking and expand your career options, if not your financial ones. Yes, you're aware that Christmas is coming, but what's the rush? You've got another week or so; that's plenty of time!

You make the most of things, no matter where you end up this week. Like Aquarian Alan Alda's character Hawkeye on "M.A.S.H.", you know just how to take lemons and make them into lemonade, with a twist! And speaking of drinks, try to pace yourself at social gatherings. Between that temptation and the endless tables of holiday goodies calling your name, you could end up with a hangover, a tummy ache, or both!

PISCES: Like fellow Pisces Patrick Duffy ("Dallas", "Step by Step"), you're focused on getting everyone together for the holidays, not to mention trying to mend a few broken fences between loved ones. Your idealistic ways are to be applauded, and in fact, you may just work a few miracles that result in a more harmonious and joyful holiday. One of your favorite people drops by unexpectedly this week, with a special gift just for you!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Susan Dey ("The Partridge Family", "LA Law"), Donna Mills ("Knots Landing"), Mayim Bialik ("Beaches", "Blossom"), Christie Clark (Carrie Brady, "Days of Our Life"), Patty Duke ("The Patty Duke Show"), Adam Brody (Seth Cohen, "The OC") and Benjamin Bratt ("Law and Order").

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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

December 3 - December 9, 2007

ARIES: You're in an unpredictable mood this week; no one knows what you'll come up with next! Like Aries Jack Black ("Shallow Hal", "School of Rock") your spontaneity and outrageous comments have everyone in stitches. This is a great week to network, especially if you're in the market for a new job. Or if you're still single, get your friends to fix you up, or see who's new on your favorite personals website!

TAURUS: Directing traffic is your forte this week, as everyone moves in scattered and unproductive ways. Just think of yourself as "Alice" (Ann B. Davis) on the "Brady Bunch", another Taurus who kept things running like clockwork despite blended family chaos. You're coming out of a long tunnel of hard work, so this week, make time to have a little fun and catch up with friends you haven't seen in ages!

GEMINI: Pay attention! You're wonderful at weaving stories, but you could get caught up in your own fantasies if you don't watch out. Like Gemini Robin Mattson ("GH", "AMC") the phrase "oh what a tangled web we weave" comes to mind. Your best bet this week is to listen, keeping in mind that information is power. Don't fret over how you're going to pay for that special Christmas present you want to buy yourself; go for it!

CANCER: Cancer Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli - "Heroes") has a gift for taking on the powers of other heroes he connects with. You'll be crossing paths with all kinds of new and unusual people this week, and you'll pick up something valuable from each and every one of them. Whether it's an idea, a lead on a new job, or a wonderful insight, others have a way of saying just the right thing!

LEO: You're overseeing a lot of projects right now, but at this point, you're the only one who can make them all come together in the time and manner you've envisioned. Take a page out of Leo Dustin Hoffman's book and delegate: Once you have everyone focused, you can simply make "cameo" appearances to check on their progress. If you haven't gotten holiday decorations up yet, this is the week it all comes together.

VIRGO: Like Virgo David Canary (Adam/Stewart Chandler, "AMC") you'll be wishing there was more than one of you this week! Overly committed, you'll have to pause at least once a day to reprioritize, as your plans seem to change form on an hourly basis. Just when you thought it was safe to put up your feet, you'll get a call from far off-relatives: Lucky you! They've decided to come for a visit over the holidays!

LIBRA: Take a few risks this week, but try not to blow anything up, like fellow Libra Jamie Hyneman ("Mythbusters")!  You're more likely to experiment with matters of the heart than matters of gunpowder anyway, though fireworks could still be the end result! The Scrooges start coming out of the woodwork this week, but they can't dim your holiday spirit. You're on the fence about a special gift; if it happens to be for you, throw caution to the wind and pull out the plastic!

SCORPIO: You may get a little tense about all the money that's flying out the door, but relax! Like Scorpio Ted Turner, (TMC, Fox Network) you can just make more! You have the Midas touch, so rest assured everything will balance out in the end. You tend to be more introspective this week, so look within to find your true holiday spirit. If your little ones are grown, consider donating some toys to a nearby hospital or Christmas drive; that'll do your heart good!

SAGITTARIUS: You may feel a bit invisible this week, as others seem to overlook or bypass you in favor of their own self-centered interests. Don't take it personally; like Sagittarius Stanley Livingston's character "Chip" on "My Three Sons", sometimes it's easy to get lost when you're "the middle child". Or in your case, "the middleman". Stop taking care of everyone else, insist on me-time this week to recharge, and you'll be fresh and bright for the holidays.

CAPRICORN: Your protective nature comes out, and like Capricorn John Walsh ("American's Most Wanted") you just want everyone to have the safest holiday possible.  Others may call you overly cautious, but "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" are definitely words to live by this week. If you're short on cash for holiday shopping, now's the time to list those items on ebay you've been gathering, a quick way to line your pockets before heading to the mall.

AQUARIUS: All you want to do is decorate for the holidays, put wonderful bows on presents, and make yourself over in the most festive and fun ways possible. "The OC"'s Mischa Barton is one Aquarian who can light up a room by simply walking through it; you'll be able to do the same with your hallmark style and grace. For that hard to buy person on your gift list, they'd really prefer your heart-warming presence over store bought presents!

PISCES: You're on top of the world this week, recounting the long trail of accomplishments you've managed to get under your belt this year. Like Pisces Carrie Underwood ("American Idol"), there's no stopping you now! Emulate Carrie by singing your way through the week, and you'll accomplish everything in half the time. You're tempted to unwrap a Christmas gift you discover, but put it back; don't you want to be surprised like everyone else on Christmas morning?

Celebrity Birthdays This Week: Brendan Fraser ("The Mummy"), Tyra Banks, (The Tyra Banks Show), Frankie Munez ("Malcolm In The Middle"), Kin Shriner (Scotty - "GH"), Ted Knight ("Mary Tyler Moore"), Teri Hatcher ("Desperate Housewives"), Beau Bridges ("StarGate SG-1 & Continuum"), "The Fabulous Baker Boys")

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Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope by Susyn Blair-Hunt, MsD

November 26 - December 2, 2007

ARIES: The best way to maintain your balance is to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground this week, shaky as it may seem. Like Aries Jack Webb ("Dragnet"), it's best if you just "stick to the facts, ma'am". With the holiday season kicking into high gear, it's time to bring out the decorations, start addressing those holiday cards, and try to remember where you stored the Christmas wrap from last year. Someone asks a huge favor of you this week; if you can accommodate them, you'll be the one who ends up with the greatest gift!

TAURUS: You'll have to be the voice of reason this week, as others seem lost in their own little worlds. You have a way of calming them down and being a wonderful example of perseverance. Melissa Gilbert is a Taurus who instilled this trait in her enduring, and endearing role as Laura Ingalls on "Little House on the Prairie". The holidays are approaching, and though you've done plenty of shopping, it seems you're more prone to finding gifts for yourself than anyone else: Now it's time to address the other people on your list!

GEMINI: Engaging, provocative and challenging, CNN's Anderson Cooper is one Gemini who insists on digging deeper to get to the truth, rather than the few bits and pieces other news shows deliver. You're on a fact-finding mission yourself this week, and won't rest till you get what you need. As a sign who thrives on variety, expanding your resources is the way to find the information that keeps eluding you. You've accidentally over-bought for everyone on your holiday list. It's time to sort through the piles and make some decisions about who's getting what.

CANCER: Use your keen powers of observation to get to the truth this week, because as you suspect, someone is definitely trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Pay close attention, emulating Cancer Vincent D'Onofrio's character on "Law and Order"; what you remember keeps you one step ahead of the game, so take notes. Though you've been stashing Christmas presents since May, you still have a list of items to find, purchase and wrap. Save yourself from the frenzied mall shoppers, and see what you can find on the Internet!

LEO: If you feel like you're traveling back and forth between two worlds right now, you are! Take a page out of Leo Kevin ("Journeyman") McKidd's book; learning as much as you can about both until your "frequent flyer miles" run out. You deserve a round of applause for getting all your seasonal shopping done this summer, but (oops!); now it seems you're finding even better "perfect gifts" for everyone. Just create a secret stash of presents for upcoming birthdays. They'll come in handy, as long as you can remember where you store them!

VIRGO: Virgo John Ritter ("Three's Company", "Seven Rules") was a master at using comedy to brighten the lives of others. Your job this week is to do the same, as Virgo is one of the few signs of the zodiac that isn't running around in circles at the moment. Rather than getting caught up in the holiday rush, you're already focused on the personal changes you want to make for 2008. A forgotten bill or unexpected expense pops up mid-week, curtailing your holiday spending considerably. Don't worry. You can get your gifts at half the price off by ordering them over the Internet!

LIBRA: Libra Erika Slezak (Vicky-"OLTL") has had a long running career playing the matriarch of Llanview, USA on daytime television, holding together family, friends and "personalities" alike! You're on a mission to unite people in a common cause as well this week, whether it's at work, home or play. Inviting everyone over to your house to celebrate the holidays is very generous, but be sure you delegate chores long before the day arrives, or you'll end up doing it all yourself. An unexpected gift of money seems handy for holiday shopping, but this astrologer recommends you spend it on yourself!

SCORPIO: You're cool, you're hip, and you're on top of your game this week! Like your fellow Scorpion Henry Winkler (The Fonz, "Happy Days") you raise the bar with your innovative ideas and quick thinking. Expect to hand out lots of money this week, either to the stores or the kids, so they can "get you something"! Though you may not be in the market for a leather jacket like "Fonzie" this year, but be sure to buy yourself something special as you hit the malls for the "perfect gift" for everyone else on your list.

SAGITTARIUS: Kin Shriner, "GH's" Scotty, always keeps a vision in his head, then follows it no matter what. I'd suggest you do the same and stick to your plans or you'll just add to the holiday chaos everyone else is stirring up! Don't panic over the fact that Christmas is near. You'll have plenty of time next week to dive into your favorite season and make it as special as you always do. A friend asks to borrow money this week; by a stroke of luck, you have the exact amount they need and then some.

CAPRICORN: Don't forget to take your vitamins! With all you've got on your plate this week, the last thing you need this week is a cold or flu. Yes, you've overbooked yourself again, but since you thrive on challenges, you wouldn't dream of canceling or rescheduling anything. Like Susan Lucci (Erica Kane, "AMC") taking it easy bores you. If there's nothing to do, you'll dream of a way to get into the action and stir things up! You've been pretty mindful of holiday spending up to now, but this week, you cast caution to the wind and spend, spend, spend!

AQUARIUS: You're headed for a big career change that starts taking shape this week, so stall holiday preparations and dive into the work scene with all you've got. Like Judith Light's ("OLTL", "Who's The Boss") leap from daytime to nighttime television, this change takes you out of the mundane and into the spotlight. Watch your movements this week, as you're a bit accident prone. You don't want to spend the holidays having people autograph a cast, especially since you still have all that last-minute shopping to do!

PISCES: There are jobs, and then there are the jobs no one wants to do. Watch everyone try to palm off their responsibilities on you this week! Like Aries Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs", you'll have to shift your perspective, grab a shovel and dig right in. But once you're finished, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Ignore those "wish" lists everyone's been giving you, and use your instincts instead when purchasing presents for the holidays. That way, you're sure to come up with the perfect gift every time!

Celebrity Birthdays This Week:
Marcy Walker (Liza, "AMC"), Jaleel White (Steve Urkel, "Family Matters"), Anna Nicole Smith, Kim Delaney ("CSI: Miama", "NYPD", "AMC"), Dick Clark ("American Bandstand"), Charlene Tilton ("Dallas"), and Rena Sofer ("Heroes", "24", "GH").

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