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Unhealthy Dialogue

Sarah Bibel has written an excellent piece called Unhealthy Dialogue about the recent firings of Ed Scott and Josh Griffith and how it cut close to home for her since she worked for both Scott and Griffith in the past. She also points out how only in daytime writers are considered interchangeable and expendable. Here is an excerpt.

"It seems like the writers’ strike ushered in a new era of nastiness in daytime. While the rest of the entertainment industry shut down, daytime, as it has during every other strike, kept going...Daytime writers were the only writers forced to choose between their union and their job, the only ones with anything to gain by leaving the union. If a couple of primetime writers went financial core, NBC wouldn’t have handed them Heroes. It’s only in daytime that writers are considered to be interchangeable and expendable."

Unhealthy Dialogue.

All My Children: Turning Point or Idiocy?

AHHHH - Medicated - the only way to watch All My Children........

Has All My Children hit a turning point? Or are we going to be subjected to the same old recycled lack-luster storylines? I am asking this because for the first time in a long time, I could not wait to see what happened next on my favorite soap. In case you did not figure it out, I am a long-time and long-suffering watcher of AMC. I was a teenager when Angie and Jesse were the super couple. I cheered for them to make it, and they did. For a while at least. I was watching when he was shot, and when he died. I cried along with Angie, as she said goodbye to her soul mate, and the love of her life. I mourned along with the characters, my heart broke right along with Angie’s.
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Soap Opera Network Reveals Who Accepted Fi-Core

Looks like the Writers Strike saga isn't over yet. Soap Opera Network has an exclusive report of who did and did not accept Fi-Core to return to their soap during the strike. Be sure to check it out.

My question is this: Does knowing who accepted Fi-Core and who didn't have a negative or positive impact on how you view them? Or maybe it doesn't matter to you. I've love to know what you are thinking.
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Days Of Our Lives: Thom Racina’s American Days Pie – 1984 to 1986.

In conjunction with Daytime Confidential's recent podcast interview with Thom Racina, I have stumbled across a Thom Racina inspired video with a compilation of vintage Days of Our Lives footage which was taken from the years 1984 to 1986. During this era, Thom Racina worked in close circles with other Days writers Leah Laiman and Sheri Anderson. For many die hard Days fans, these years were highly regarded as Days' best ever scripted. With some terrific epic storytelling, Thom Racina stirred the hearts of many and brought to life many of our favourite loved characters. During this clip, you visit stories that you can only hope the current Days hierarchy are witnessing. It's a mixture of inspirational drama, on location adventure, traditional romance, sadness and most of all, classic Days at it's prime. Three cheers to Thom Racina for bringing us such magic and creating a powerful daytime drama with it's rich history and poised with soap opera glory.

Music - American Pie by Don McLean.
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All Soaps: Best & Worst of Writers Strike

Since the Writers Strike is unofficially, officially over I thought it might be fun to reflect about what we all consider to be the Best & Worst of the Writers Strike for our favorite soaps. What are the things that were better during the Writers Strike and what are the things that were worse during the Writers Strike.

Here is my list.


1. Spreading the acting wealth around at General Hospital. We've seen a lot more people than we are accustomed to.
2. One Life to Live staying the awesome soap it was thanks to Ron's soap bible.
3. Debbie Morgan, Darnell Williams, and Rebecca Budig returning to daytime.
4. Slight improvements over at Young & Restless.
5. Guiding Light reportedly having the foresight of having scripts through February.
6. General Hospital proving that ratings can go up without Guza at the helm.


1. Days of Our Lives behind the scenes saga.
2. Sloppy dialogue at several soaps.
3. Choppy editing at General Hospital. Some days you'd tune in and think you missed a day and hadn't.
4. The Head Writers of All My Children accepting Fi-Core. Why couldn't we had a break from them?
5. The possibility that the Scrubs pregnancy storyline wouldn't be told right on General Hospital.
6. As the World Turns not using the strike as an opportunity to bring Luke & Noah more front and center on the show.

What is on your list of Best & Worst?