Anderson Cooper on Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal: “He Was a Complete Jerk About This For Years and Years”

Don’t expect Anderson Cooper and disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong to go bike riding anytime soon.  On Wednesday's episode of Anderson, Cooper and guest co-host Dari Alexander discussed Armstrong copping to using performance-enhancement drugs in an upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The Silver Fox remarked:

I've got to say he was a complete jerk about this for years and years and years. He wouldn't just deny this. He would go after and try to destroy the people who were telling the truth and people who were telling the truth would get anonymous death threats. Even the guy from the anti-doping agency got anonymous email death threats; it's not known who it's from.

Watch Cooper go in on Armstrong after the jump!

Anderson Cooper RIPS Star Jones’ Suggestion He Came Out as a “Ratings Ploy”!

Don't look for Anderson Cooper and Star Jones to go on a BFF vacation anytime soon.  The CNN anchor and daytime talk show host is steaming over remarks Jones made about his decison to come out as a gay man. During an appearance on a "Today's Professionals" segment Jones wondered if Cooper came out to boost ratings for Anderson. Jones remarked at the time:

I've been in daytime television for a long time. He's a daytime talk show host and when the ratings slip in daytime, the hosts tend to tell you lots of things about them. I remember Oprah said she smoked crack. Oprah said she was pregnant at 14 and considered suicide. There were times that you generate information for ratings.

New Format And Name For Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Talk Show

Anderson Cooper's daytime chatfest is getting an overhaul for its second season. According to Deadline, Anderson  will now be called Anderson Live and feature rotating co-hosts with its new live structure.

The sophomore talk show will also move from Lincoln Center's The Allen Room to the Broadcast Center in New York, which was previously home to the now defunct Nate Berkus Show. In a released statement, new co-executive producer Terence Noonan said:
Being live plays to Anderson’s strengths, providing immediacy and topicality, which allows us to talk about what is going on in the world.

Anderson Cooper to Self-Proclaimed Human Barbie Doll: “I Just Think You’re Dreadful”


Don't mess with the Silver Fox! Anderson Cooper got fired up Tuesday on his self-titled daytime talker, when guest Sarah Burge came on to defend her astronomical, 100 plastic surgery procedures.

Burge, who dubbed herself the "Human Barbie", showed up on the media's radar when she confessed she allowed her underage kids to partake in cosmetic surgery also. Burge admitted she gave her 7-year-old daughter a voucher for breast augmentation as a birthday gift! Burge attempted to defend her decision to give her 15-year-old daughter Botox; this did not sit well with Cooper. Watch Cooper lay the smackdown after the jump!


Trayvon Martin’s Parents Discuss Son’s Tragic Death on Anderson Cooper’s Daytime Talk Show


Anderson Cooper aired an exclusive interview with the parents of slain, Florida teen Trayvon Martin and their attorney this week on his daytime talk show Anderson. As previously reported, Martin was killed by George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch leader, who followed Martin and killed the defenseless teen, after making a racially-charged call to 911 to report the young man for walking in his neighborhood looking like he was "up to no good." Watch the videos after the jump.