David Hasselhoff to Play…David Hasselhoff in Baywatch Movie!

David Hasselhoff is returning to his iconic franchise Baywatch, but this time there’s a twist. In an interview with the Daily ExpressThe Young and the Restless alum revealed:

“I’ve just met the guy writing the film. I’m going to play myself.’’
Hasselhoff shed a bit more light on the project,
“We’re trying to make it a very cool, updated version."

Bob Barker and Pamela Anderson Among Famous Vegetarians Honored by PETA

Daytime icon Bob Barker and upcoming Virgin Mary Pamela Anderson were among the famous vegetarians included on sheets of limited-edition 44-cent stamps and honored by PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals) on November 29. According to the LA Times, Barker and Anderson were on hand to help promote the event, but it was Anderson who drew the most attention.  The stamps, featuring such other famous people as Woody Harrelson, Gandhi and Leonardo da Vinci can be purchased through Peta’s official website. See more photos after the jump!

Stargate: Atlantis Stud In Shocking Bar Room Brawl!

Stargate: Atlantis and Baywatch hottie Jason Momoa was in a "ferocious bar fight" according to urban gossip blog Blackarazzi.com. Momoa, who has one child with Life on Mars star and Cosby Show alum Lisa Bonet, and a second on the way, allegedly got into an altercation with a man named Dominic Bando at a West Hollywood cafe last week, resulting in the actor receiving 40 stiches. Bando was no doubt hating on Momoa's pretty boy swag.