Why Procter and Gamble Should Spend Some of Its $2.7 Billion Media Budget on More Web Soaps

Ad Age has a new article up about a changing of the guard involving some big wigs at Procter and Gamble, which reveals the company's media budget was $2.7 billion last year, making it the largest media budget of any U.S. company. Wouldn't it be groovy if P&G threw a few scraps down from the table to produce a few short run, webisodic sequels to the numerous soap operas in its library?

 If done right, such serialized content could help P&G reach their target demo, move more product and provide a nostalgic treat for the disgruntled fans who watched P&G's daytime soap operas for generations. Look at what Alloy Entertainment is doing with web soaps like Haute and Bothered and Hollywood is Like High School With Money.  Major brands sponsor these webisoaps (LG for Haute, L'Oreal for Hollywood), much the same way that detergent makers like P&G sponsored Irna Phillips' radio serials. 

BET.com’s Buppies to be Honored at 4th Annual Webby Awards!

YES! YES! YES! The announcement for honorees and nominees at the upcoming 14th Annual Webby Awards went out today, and a MAJOR shout out to the brazilliant peeps behind BET.com's smash hit web series Buppies, which is being honored at the webcast. Buppies creator Julian Breece and producer Aaliyah Williams did the damn thang with this amazing, mocha, web soap opera, along with the talented cast (led byTatyana Ali as Black Carrie Bradshaw, Quinci), and crew. Over 10,000 web series submitted themselves to be honored by the Webbys, but only the cream of the crop made the cut. I cannot WAIT to see what Breece and Williams' shingle Game Theory Productions does next! SO proud to see Buppies get the recognition it deserves.

Other web dramas to be honored are included after the jump.
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Oh NO, not YET! It’s the Season One Finale of Buppies!

You know that feeling you get when you've just finished a really good novel, or had really good sex? You feel affirmed. Connected. That's how I feel right now after seeing how BET.com's brilliant premiere web series Buppies wrapped its first season. Fresh Prince of Belair and The Young and the Restless star Tatyana Ali did the work of her acting career as Hollywood princess Quinci, in this amazingly drawn season finale of Buppies from the creative mind of Julian Breece.

Buppies, DAYS Beauty Ashlee R. Holland Does “Basic Needs” Drive for Haiti

Buppies scene stealer Ashlee R. Holland (she portrays Bitsy, the girl Tatyana Ali's Quinci has a Dynasty-esque, swimming pool catfight with in episode four), has organized a “Basic Needs” drive for the city of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti this Sat. Jan. 16 at the Michael Jackson Auditorium of Gardner Elementary School, 7450 Hawthorn Avenue, in LA.
“It was making me crazy to see the survivors walking around without shoes," says Holland, who also appeared on Days of Our Lives as Crystal, following a win on SOAPnet's reality challenge I Wanna Be A Soap Star. "They were all barefoot. Who knows what they were stepping on?”

Holland and others will be collecting socks, hiking boots, clothing, boxed food and more to send to Haiti.

“I would be delusional to think that this drive would help all the effected, but I am very aware that every little effort counts,” says Holland. 

 If you are in the SoCal area, we encourage you to stop by and make a donation. For more information email  jasondspitzer@gmail.com
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Check Out the Trailer for Buppies Star Tatyana Ali’s New TV One Sitcom!

Hot on the heels of turning in the best performance of her career in BET.com's smash hit web sudser Buppies (Seriously y'all, the girl is the black Carrie Bradshaw as neruotic, Hollyweird princess Quinci in Buppies), Tatyana Ali is returning to sitcoms! As previously reported, the actress/producer/Fresh Prince of Belair alum— who also recurs on The Young and the Restless as Roxanne— is starring in Love That Girl,  TV One's first foray into scripted television, premiering Jan. 19 at 9 pm (thanks DC reader Smitty for the tip!).

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Quinci Gets the Upper Hand, as Shaka Gets Real on Buppies!

It's Tuesday afternoon. Y'all know what that means, another hot, steaming helping of Buppies! This week's installment sees Derek's (Brooklyn McLinn) trifling ass attempting to apology to Q (Tatyana Ali) for showing up at her party with some other girl. Meanwhile, Nikki (Katrina Wogan) confronts Shaka (Ernest Waddell) about his treatment of her. Is Shaka ashamed that his lady is white and overweight? Wogan and Waddell KILL in their brief, powerful scene. Here I thought Shaka was just comic relief! This web soap keeps leaving me wanting MORE! If you feel the same way about Buppies as I do, click here to tell BET!