Matt Ashford Gets Sinister in Confessions of Bay City

Tick, tock. Get ready for the spine-chilling Confessions of Bay City finale, featuring Steve Jensen (Matt Ashford). In the episode, the former inmate reveals who he wants to reconnect with, now that he is free from prison. Let me tell you, if I knew I was on his list of intended reunions I’d be hightailing it for the hills. Watch episode six of The Bay: Confessions of Bay City after the jump!

What Kind of Beef Does Will Campbell Have With Peter Garrett on The Bay?!

Dr. Keith Campbell's (General Hospital and All My Children's Real Andrews) hunky son Will Campbell (Derrell Whitt) is throwing some major shade at fellow Bay City teen heartthrob Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) in the latest installment of Confessions of Bay City. Basically Will blames Pete for everything except the economy and global warming in the confessional!

Dang, that's messed up, son! Pete is roaming around New York, not knowing who he really is, after a drug overdose caused him to wake up in an amnesiac state (God, I hate when that happens!) and dude wants to talk greasy about him for some mysterious documentary filmmaker who sounds an awful lot like series creator Gregori Martin?

I guess Will must really be feelin' Pete's ex-girlfriend Vivian Johnson (All My Children's Tanisha Lynn). Viv must have that good-good... I cannot wait for this sexy threeway, er triangle to heat back up when The Bay premieres its second season in a few weeks. Watch Will's Confession after the jump. Oh and The Young and the Restless, Whitt should be your new Nate Hastings. This kid is a natural!