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Eden and Bob Want To Help You Get Laid…And Fat

Our girl Eden Riegel (Eden, Imaginary Bitches; ex-Bianca, All My Children) is teaming up with No-So-Bachelor Bob Guiney (he's married to Eden's former costar Rebecca Budig) for the mDialog series Cooking to Get Lucky and they want you to be part of the fun, or at least have you around to clean up the dishes.

If you'd like to master the art of using fine cuisine to get into someone's pants,  this show is for you! Submit your videos before Sept. 9, 2008 and you just may be picked to appear on the show.
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Eden Riegel and Bob Guiney Are Getting Lucky!

All My Children and Imaginary Bitches' star Eden Riegel and Bob Guiney (Rebecca Budig's husband) are getting lucky, cooking that is!

That's right folks, after the success of her online comedy Imaginary Bitches Eden Riegel joins Bob Guiney to host Cooking to Get Lucky, a reality based web series where they "teach guys how to prepare fast and easy, yet incredibly impressive, recipes for their dates in the hopes of 'getting lucky.'"

After the brilliance of Imaginary Bitches I know we'll be checking it out.