Long-Running British Soap Opera Coronation Street Airing on Hulu and Hulu Plus

Anglophiles who are fans of the wildly popular British soap Coronation Street can finally get their “Corrie” fix online! Hulu has landed the exclusive rights to the world's longest-running soap, which has a huge following globally including celebs like, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Snoop Dogg and Piers Morgan.
When dishing about the soap, Hopkins said:

Life isn’t worth living if I miss an episode of Coronation Street.

Those who are Hulu and Hulu Plus subscribers will have instant access to 11 episodes from the current season, along with two bonus Christmas special episodes. Check out an exclusive peek after the jump!

Brit Sudser Coronation Street to Launch “Corrie Nation” Social Networking Game

I'm beginning to the think the key to U.S. soap survival lies in the ability of Ken Corday, Sony, Disney and/or the Bells to utilize some frequent flyer miles to take a loooong trip across the pond to benchmark for the Brits. Tubefilter is reporting on Nov. 1, ITV is launching Corrie Nation, a social networking game based on their hit soap opera Coronation Street.

Corrie Character Hits Twitter

Hit UK sudser Coronation Street is tweeting via busybody character Norris Cole. All this week, during Gail's Platt's murder trial (currently airing in the UK), Norris will be on Twitter with the latest developments: twitter.com/norrismole 

Norris is back to his usual, gossip-fuelled self after a hilarious Misery-style storyline that saw him holed up in a Yorkshire cottage with fellow competition obsessive Mary Taylor.  

As well as the trial storyline, Corrie's six special episodes this week feature Tony Gordon's escape from prison and his explosive revenge on former Street adversaries. The episodes reportedly cost ITV £1million (almost $1.5million).

Keifer Sutherland Loves Coronation Street!

Score another one for the international soaps! Actor Kiefer Sutherland anounced in a recent interview with Radio Times that he enjoyed the hit UK sudser Coronation Street.
When I was a kid there was always Coronation Street."
So if Keifer can enjoy a little bit of Corrie, Will Smith loves him some EastEnders  and P. Diddy cant get enought Emmerdale, don't you think it's about time you checked these soaps out?

Will Snoop Dogg go From Llanview to Coronation Street?

What's the deal, yo? Is the Doggfather trying to step out on Frank and Ron? Snoop Dogg, who has made several appearances on America's best soap opera, ABC Daytime's One Life to Live, is now reportedly angling to make a cameo on British sudser Coronation Street, according to The Sun newspaper!

When I'm in Britain I love to eat Indian food and chill in my hotel room and watch Coronation Street. I've done guest roles in shows in the US. If Coronation Street want me to make a cameo then, cool, let's do it. Maybe I could just play myself doing a concert in Manchester and I could come into the pub for lunch. I've been to Manchester lots of times. I think Coronation Street is to Manchester what the Statue Of Liberty is to New York."

Snoop may never get the opportunity to appear on his fave, Manchester-based sudser, however since he is still trying to be allowed back into the country, following some Mary Jane-related ish at Heathrow in 2006. First Will Smith wants a gig on East Enders, now Snoop is trying become a Corrie, what is it about these British soaps?!

Corrie Street Duo Dukes It Out

Gray O'Brien, whose not-so-nice character Tony Gordon, finds himself in the Weatherfield canal after a nocturnal rumble with Roy Cropper, (David Neilson), according to DigitalSpy.com. O'Brien talked about the difficulties in filming the outdoor scenes on the The Paul O'Grady Show,

I'm not a great swimmer. You were standing in silt and you couldn't move. They were saying, 'Just pretend to swim'. I couldn't actually move my legs. I was glued! But we did the underwater stuff up at Fleetwood in a four-metre tank, and four metres is double the depth of an ordinary pool. Your ears go when you touch the bottom and stuff. I found it very difficult. I have to say that David Neilson was absolutely brilliant. [But] I found it really difficult to hold my breath underwater.

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British Soap Awards Interviews

This past Saturday the British Soap Awards were filmed. What's On TV was on the scene and interviewed all the major stars. Above we see an interview with EastEnders stars Rita Simons (Roxy) and Scott Maslen (Jack) as they discuss the current state of EastEnders and touch on Daniellegate. Be sure to check out whatsontv.co.uk for more interviews with all of your favorite stars.

Could Jesse Metcalfe Appear on Coronation Street?

Former Passions heartthrob and Desperate Housewives' hunk Jesse Metcalfe is in talks with producers of Coronation Street, according to published reports in the UK. Reportedly Metcalfe is a fan of the show, whose executives "have recently been toying with the idea of breaking into the US market with the long running soap. Links with figures such as Metcalfe may help facilitate this."

Would daytime soap stars, such as Metcalfe, be enough to entice you into trying Coronation Street if it aired in the US?

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