Days of Our Lives’ Molly Burnett to Guest on CSI: New York

What exactly has Molly Burnett taking a trip away from fair Salem to the Big Apple? The Days of Our Lives starlet will guest star in an upcoming episode of CSI New York. She will play Molly, an Irish lassie who is caught up in her father's murder. Burnett's episode is slated to air April 27.

CSI New York airs Fridays at 9 PM EST on CBS.

Thad Luckinbill’s CSI: NY Debut

The Young and the Restless stars are really stepping up their moonlighting game. Even though he's re-emerged at his day job, Thad Luckinbill (JT) also popped up on tonight's episode of CSI: NY. If  you missed tonight's episode, you will be able to view it on CBS's web site tomorrow.

First his on and off canvas wife Amelia Heinle (Victoria) turns up on CSI: Miami, then Luckinbill takes a stab at the spin off show and later in May, he and the wife, along with Lesli Kay (Felicia; B&B) will guest star in an episode of The Ghost Whisperer. Could CBS be farming out their actors as a way to cross promote the daytime and prime time shows? Maybe they are trying to save the industry...

General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.11.09

Holly and Helena? Too much to handle? Obviously Holly’s return is being linked to Ethan and everyone who is anyone is hoping that Helena’s return means NotEmily is the RealEmily. Can you hear Frons’ campaign for that one? The real Emily returns…oh wait, she’s already there and we’ve been telling you her name is Rebecca…tune in. Some fans say Helena and Holly are the reasons for the POSSIBLE bloodbath hitting prospect studios (where GH is filmed). Emma Samms’ return SHOULD be a temporary gig with some saying she’ll be in Port Chuck and on our screens for roughly three weeks. Helena has never been a contract character (at least not to my knowledge) and I ASSUME that isn’t going to change. Two returns of recurring characters, one said to be brief, is that really a reason to let five actors go? The cuts hitting ABCDaytime are more likely a result of the crappy economy that is hitting everyone. I’m not giving Fronsie a free pass as there are plenty of newbie’s on my screen that really don’t need to be there especially not at the expense of some of my faves.

Ashlee Simpson Wentz Moves Into Melrose Place!

Wife of Pete Wentz, sister of Jessica Simpson and one-time supporting cast member of 7th Heaven; Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is joining the cast of the CW's re-do of Melrose Place. is reporting the latest development.

The singer-actress, 24, plans to return to TV as a small-town girl who arrives in Los Angeles with a big secret, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The character she will play – seven years after her first big role on the WB's 7th Heaven – is said to resemble the Southern-belle-turned-actress portrayed on the original Melrose by Amy Locane, says the trade paper.

Simpson-Wentz and her hubby are also making a guest appearance on CSI:NY. Their episode is airing on March 18th.

CBS Wants To Freeze Prime Time Stars’ Salaries

While daytime dramas might be among the hardest hit sectors in entertainment, the ripple effects continue to spread in prime time, too. Among the more high profile moves, NBC gave Jay Leno it's entire 10PM time slot block Mondays through Fridays starting this fall in an effort to save massive amounts of cash: The Tonight Show, which is expected to be the model for the "new" Leno show, costs about $2 million per week to produce compared to $35 million for a typical week's worth of prime time dramas.

Now comes news from Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello that CBS is basically asking its stars to not negotiate salary increases (in effect, a salary freeze) for some of the network's top tier shows:
CBS Paramount is asking the on-air talent on the majority of its dramas to forgo their annual raises and keep their salaries flat next season. (Multiyear contracts typically have standard yearly increases built in.) The unprecedented move, part of an overall cost-cutting measure, is an effort to keep budgets down at the CSIs, NCIS, Numb3rs, and their kin, and prevent further behind-the-scenes layoffs. (CBS dramas produced by outside studios -- i.e., Ghost Whisperer, The Mentalist, and Without a Trace -- won't be affected.)
The article then immediately brings up what I like to call "The Kim Zimmer Paradigm":