Webisoaps Compete For Daytime Emmys!

Let's hear it for our beloved web sudsers! When we thought the daytime soap opera was about to go the way of the dodo bird, a slew of webisoaps began to pop up, generally created by a band of bootstrapping entrepreneurs, with lots of love for the art form.

This year, NATAS recognized several of the webisoaps we cover. Venice, Tainted Dreams and DeVanity will compete in the Outstanding New Approaches – Drama Series category; alongside The Power Inside.

DAYS’ Arianne Zucker and Kyle Lowder Call It Quits

Days of Our Lives' Arianne Zucker and Kyle Lowder have ended their 11 and a half year marriage. According to Soap Opera Digest, the couple–who met on the set of DAYS and married in 2002–are divorced and have were separated for quite some time. In a joint statement to the magazine the two said:
In response to ongoing inquiries, we would like to announce that with respect to our privacy, we quietly separated awhile ago and are officially divorced. We continue to remain great friends and loving parents to our daughter.
The actors have one daughter, Isabella, 4.

DeVanity Takes Its Final Bow With Delicious Twist (VIDEO)

DeVanity ended its decadent four season run on Thursday in gem-dripping style. I won't spoil the final episode for those who haven't watched it. However, I will say DeVanity's culmination tied up loose threads, answered more than a few questions and wrapped everything up with a nice little gift to viewers before teasing fans with taste of the DeVanity family's future.

A hearty thank you to Michael Caruso, the DeVanity cast and crew for four must-see seasons. Every moment was a pleasure and we can't wait to see what Caruso & Co. have up their sleeve next.

Watch DeVanity's final episode after the jump. 

Catfight! The DeVanity’s Throw a Party (VIDEO)

The penultimate episode of DeVanity features a healthy portion of corporate intrigue, murder plots, engagement announcements and catfights. Jason DeVanity (Michael Caruso) reveals who he sold his stock to. Bianca (Katie Caprio) brings home Scarlett's (Tiffany Michelle) brother, Tristan (Tim Hammer), to meet her brother. Jason throws a party to make a revelation, but it wouldn't be a DeVanity party without a twist.

Watch the latest episode of DeVanity after the jump and be sure to tune in for the series finale on March 21 at DeVanity.com.

Will Dallas Vixen Sheree J. Wilson DESTROY DeVanity? (VIDEO)

Has the gatekeeper of web soap opera's most deliciously-dysfunctional family found religion? It may appear that way in the premiere episode of DeVanity's final season, but don't let the Hail Marys fool ya.

Something tells me Jason DeVanity (Michael Caruso) won't have any trouble tapping into his demonic side as the season progresses. He'll need to, if he has a prayer of winning the battle for his empire against the mother-in-law of all bitches, Claudia Muller (Dallas alum Sheree J. Wilson). Check out the first episode of Season 4 of DeVanity after the jump!


DeVanity Releases Trailer For Fourth and Final Season! (VIDEO)

Backstabbing and murder never looked so beautiful. That's right folks, DeVanity has released the trailer for its hotly-anticipated fourth and final season!

The blingtastic trailer has everything we've come to expect from the deliciously devious family and then some. Watch the trailer for DeVanity's final season after the jump!