Did My Wishful Casting About Everybody Hates Chris Star Tequan Richmond and General Hospital Come True?!

Could one of my Wishful Castings have come true? Last week I posted that I believed Everybody Hates Chris veteran Tequan Richmond would make a good recast for TJ (currently played by an exiting Krys Meyer) on General Hospital. Color me surprised when today I saw this tweet from the talented, young actor/rapper today:


Wishful Casting: Everybody Hates Chris Alum Tequan Richmond as General Hospital’s TJ

It appears the General Hospital casting call everyone has been talking about all day is in fact for a TJ recast. According to setside sources, Krys Meyer booked a new gig, which has resulted in the role needing to be recast. 

While I will miss Meyer in the role of TJ—I just wrote yesterday in Ratings, Rants and Raves how much the pairing of TJ and Molly (Haley Pullos) had grown on me—the soap must go on! I would love to see Tequan Richmond of Everybody Hates Chris fame assume the role of Sean's (Shawn Butler) mischievous, lovestruck ward.