Soap Superstar Kimberlin Brown Heads an All-Star Far From The Bay Finale


Gregori J. Martin's ambitious, limited-run, The Bay spinoff Far From The Bay concluded its arc this week with a star-studded finale. Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) has finally found the mental hospital where his adopted mother Claire Andrews (Marie Wilson) has been residing since she went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs a decade earlier.  

That's daytime supervillain Kimberlin Brown (The Young and the Restless, Port Charles, All My Children) as Claire's doctor. Mary Beth Evans also reprises the role of Peter's biological mother Sara Garrett in a powerful flashback sequence (also featuring Punky Brewster and Family Matters alum Cherie Jones). All in all, Martin and Co. provided a nice sendoff for this summer sudser. Watch the episode after the jump!

Just Why is Marie Wilson’s Claire in The Funny Farm on Far From The Bay?

Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) learns the shocking reason why his adopted mother Claire (Marie Wilson) is tucked away at a funny farm in this week's episode of Far From The Bay. The fabulous Anna Holbrook (ex-Sharlene, Another World) and Agim Kaba (ex-Aaron, As The World Turns) return this week as Claire's family members Carol and Noah. They have the unfortunate task of filling Pete in on what happened to the family who adopted him once The Bay's Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans) reclaimed her missing son. Heavy, relatable family drama in this eppy! Check it out after the jump.

Who is The Mystery Woman Tonja Walker Is Playing in Far From The Bay?

Where do I know you from? Check out multi-soap veteran Tonja Walker guest starring in the latest webisode of Far From the Bay. Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) is still searching for answers about his adopted mother, when he runs into Walker’s mysterious character, who just so happens to be reading a very familar tabloid. Watch the latest installment of Far From The Bay after the jump!

Check Out Michael O’Leary and Ilene Kristen in Back-to-Back Webisodes of Far From The Bay!


Amnesiac Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews) continues searching for his adopted mom in the most recent webisodes of Far From The Bay. In Part 2 of the miniseries, Pete has a hilarious run-in with Guiding Light alum Michael O'Leary's character from Steamboat. Then in Part 3, the troubled teen bumps into a face that should be familar, his Aunt Liza (Ilene Kristen). The only problem is he doesn't have a clue who she is. You know, 'cause that's how amnesia works! Check the latest installments of Far From The Bay out below!

Peter Garrett’s Search Takes Him ‘Far From The Bay’

Prolific web showrunner Gregori J. Martin is back with a prequel to Season 2 of his popular sudser The Bay. In Far From The Bay, Sara Garrett's (Mary Beth Evans) youngest son Peter's (breakout star Kristos Andrews) search for his adoptive parents leads him straight to the Big Apple.

After watching the haunting, visually-appealing first installment of Far From The Bay, I cannot wait for more of this in depth character study into Peter's world. Watch the first webisode of Far From The Bay after the jump! 

Soap Alums Anna Holbrook, Agim Kaba and Tonja Walker Sign on For Prequel to Season 2 of The Bay!


Holy, Sharlene Hudson, Batman! A near-all soap star cast has been assembled for Far From The Bay, a prequel to Season 2 of the juicy web sudser that follows Sara Garrett's (Mary Beth Evans) troubled youngest son Peter (Kristos Andrews) on a quest to find Claire Andrews (Marie Wilson), the woman who adopted him and raised him for several years while Sara, suffering from amnesia, forgot she had given birth to a future abs machine spokesperson.