Fox Announces Premiere Dates For Glee, Rest of Lineup

Fox is hitting the fall season running with the early premieres of Glee, Bones, The X Factor and freshman drama The Mob Doctor.  In its announcement, the network revealed The X Factor’s premiere will be split between September 12 and 13. On September 12, The X Factor will debut the first part, with a two-hour premiere. On September 13, the second half of The X Factor’s premiere will provide the lead in for Glee, which makes its Thursday timeslot debut.  Fox veteran Bones will return on September 17 and anchor The Mob Doctor’s debut.

Fans of Fox’s other shows will then have to wait until at least September 25 before any shows return or new series debut.

See the complete premiere date schedule after the jump!

Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

GREEK I’m just crazy about these kids at Cyprus Rhodes. They’ve been picked up for a third season but their friends at Kyle XY got the AX. GREEK returns with the second half of the second season on March 30th with Max! Casey’s boyfriend has ditched grad school in favor of sticking in Ohio with Casey. Will he constantly remind his girlfriend what he’s given up for her? The craziest GREEK news comes from an exclusive on courtesy of Mr. Michael Ausiello. Apparently the third season will be light one cast member. Frannie, the rogue ZBZ, will not be a series regular. She’s in a pretty major storyline as the season finale cliffhanger was Frannie setting up a new sorority and taking a bunch of ZBZ’s with her. With Frannie leaving campus, what does that mean for Evan? Will we get a Casey-Evan reunion? What about Casey and Cappie? Will they ever get back together? SPOILERS say Casey and Cappie spend time together when Max is away. All MY Children fans, well Jesse McCartney fans, remember the heartthrob is also slated to appear this season on GREEK.

I’m adding a new show to the Round-Up. Army Wives is a great show on Lifetime from the same folks that gave us Grey’s Anatomy. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. They are adding two new African American cast members to the upcoming season and Roger Newcomb at We Love Soaps says one role MAY be what Real Andrews (ex-Taggart, General Hospital) auditioned for.

Stephen Schnetzer Goes Bugs Up on Fringe

I don't know why it is that Stephen Schnetzer's voice has stuck with me all these years after Another World ended, but it has. That's why, while watching tonight's new episode of Fringe on FOX, I unexpectedly heard his voice and rushed to get screencaps. Schnetzer portrayed one of two scientists that die after drinking water that unknowingly contains something it that rapidly grows into a giant slug after mixing with a human's stomach fluids. I wasn't quick enough to get pictures of the bug coming out of the mouth of Schnetzer's character but I did of the other professor. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Friday Night Lights Finally Gets Some Love

It's about damn time! Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows on primetime TV, yet it has never received the recognition it deserves. That all changes with the Writer's Guild Awards Nominations, as my beloved FNL is nominated for Dramatic Series.

Friday Night Lights returns for a third season on NBC in 2009 after it's run on DirecTV wraps up. Translation: You have plenty of time to watch Seasons One and Two on DVD before the Season Three premiere. Add it to your Christmas list. So many think it's just some football show and I assure you, it's so much more than that. Not to mention the incredible acting by the entire cast and amazing storytelling.

Lost, Dexter, Mad Men and The Wire were also nominatedin the Dramatic Series category. FOX's Fringe picked up nods for New Series and Long Form for the pilot episode.

FNL returns to NBC on Friday, January 16, 2009 at 9 p.m.

Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

Here we go again with the Primetime Spoiler Round-up. Remember to comment away with questions and requests for your favorite Primetime show to get a little Spoiler love.

Grey's Anatomy: There were a few of you asking about the new doctor. When will he be back? Dr. Major McHottie SHOULD be making a brief appearance this week and then next week Major McHottie checks in to Seattle Grace. Melissa George is also checking in as the new bisexual intern. Look for her mid-November. Sad Stuff... they are casting a young boy around 10-years-old who in an upcoming episode is knocking on death's door. This character COULD be around for a few episodes while the story plays out. Counseling session? Not Meredith, although I do love her scenes with the therapist. But this time it's Callie getting the counseling and her therapist is Dr. Sloane so we all know what that means... Callie is getting a little McSteamy lesson on how to treat a woman in bed. Hopefully they've given that little treat some much deserved screentime. McSteamy needs a good storyline STAT! Oh and I must say while I was not a fan of the flood, last week's episode was great!

Primetime Spoiler Round-Up!

Since it was a hit last week... here we go again. Remember, comment away and if there's a show we're not covering that you'd like to get the SCOOP on, let me know!

Last week's big winner was 90210... this week, not so much to SCOOP on. Brenda Walsh will make her return to the zip code for two more episodes. Look for Ms. Walsh in the 11th and 12th episodes.

How about a little One Tree Hill? One of my personal favorites is getting a visit from another fave of mine. Dawson! James Van der Beek of Dawson's Creek fame is going back to North Carolina for a guest spot on OTH. DC used to shoot in the same little NC town that OTH now calls home. Remember I mentioned a producer who wants to turn Lucas' book into a movie? Van der Beek will play the director. I also mentioned last week that One Tree Hill will be around for a seventh season and it looks like the cast has signed on as well. All but one that is. According to the SCOOP, Chad Michael Murray (Lucas) has not signed on for a seventh run. Will he? It looks like he will as Michael Ausiello over at EW says they've given the actor some time behind the camera and behind the scenes.