Why Procter and Gamble Should Spend Some of Its $2.7 Billion Media Budget on More Web Soaps

Ad Age has a new article up about a changing of the guard involving some big wigs at Procter and Gamble, which reveals the company's media budget was $2.7 billion last year, making it the largest media budget of any U.S. company. Wouldn't it be groovy if P&G threw a few scraps down from the table to produce a few short run, webisodic sequels to the numerous soap operas in its library?

 If done right, such serialized content could help P&G reach their target demo, move more product and provide a nostalgic treat for the disgruntled fans who watched P&G's daytime soap operas for generations. Look at what Alloy Entertainment is doing with web soaps like Haute and Bothered and Hollywood is Like High School With Money.  Major brands sponsor these webisoaps (LG for Haute, L'Oreal for Hollywood), much the same way that detergent makers like P&G sponsored Irna Phillips' radio serials.