General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

WOW, wow, wow… Jonathan Jackson you just won the Emmy! I won’t repeat what Perkie and J. Bernard both said so well already but I could not kick off this blog without giving JJ the kudos he deserves. Amazing performance, incredible performance, I just don’t have enough words.

Hells Bells is coming back and it should spell trouble for Lucky, Elizabeth and Nikolas. Seems to me that these three make enough trouble all on their own but Helena is known for making a bad situation worse and that’s exactly what the psycho granny is SPOILED to be doing.

Valentine’s Day Episode… RUMORED to be a standalone episode and centered around some of the couples on the show. Yes JaSam fans, they are one of the couples featured. RUMORS say Mac and Alexis MAY also get a few scenes. Lulu and Dante are the new break out couple so they will be featured as well and I am hearing Scrubs and Spixie also appear.