Could Meredith Vieira Benefit Most From Katie’s Cancellation?

Disney's pricey two-year experiment with Katie Couric's talk show and its subsequent cancellation has left other syndicated shows fighting for the time slot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Meredith Vieira's talk show, Meredith, could benefit most from Katie's demise.  

"Most stations already believed [Katie] was not going to return and have made decisions and acquired new product or rescheduled product they already have," says Bill Carroll, vp/director of programing at Katz TV Group. But Carroll notes that it's still unclear what ABC stations, including the network-owned outlets, will put in Katie's place, presenting an opportunity for Vieira and others.


Queen Latifah and Bethenny Likely to Get Second Seasons; Future of Katie Still in Question

The stars are aligning for freshman talk shows Bethenny and The Queen Latifah Show to be renewed for second seasons. According to Broadcasting & Cable, Bethenny is showing promise in the 25-54 female demographic and The Queen Latifah Show is expected to return. 

The fate Katie is still in question:

The fate of Disney/ ABC’s Katie remains uncertain. Host Katie Couric is unsure whether she wants to return for a third season, and distributor Disney/ABC Television is uncertain whether it can bring the program’s financials into line. Should both of those things happen, Disney/ ABC then has to find new time slots for Katie across the country, considering that many stations already have bought other shows to replace it.

Katie Couric on Morning Show Segments: “They’ve Gotten Increasingly Light Over The Years”

Does The Perky One believe the web is where it's at? In a new interview with Glamour, Katie Couric reveals why she's leaving ABC News for Yahoo. Here's an excerpt:

"Morning-show segments are often so short and they've gotten increasingly light over the years," Couric told Glamour. "The [online] real estate is so valuable. The reach is extraordinary. I learned that when I did my interview with Sarah Palin for CBS and more people saw it online than on a TV platform...I'm excited to take advantage of that in the best possible way."