ATWT’s Van Hansis Auditioned for Gossip Girl, Kings

Ruh roh. Jean Pass-The-Salami (Jillian is Love!) better sit her behind down somewhere and try to write something resembling a decent storyline for Van Hansis. The Suds Report is saying the actor is busy trying to book new gigs!

Should Nuke fans be worried about losing Luke Snyder? Van Hansis (Luke) recently told The Suds Report he’s been busy auditioning for roles in independent films and nighttime shows. “I was even up for roles on Gossip Girl and [new NBC series] Kings,” reveals the Daytime Emmy-nominated superstar. “But I’m not planning on leaving World Turns just yet. It’s good to keep your options open. I have outs in my contract.” Very smart, Van, considering World Turns may only be spinning for one more year."