YOU HAVE UNTIL MIDNIGHT: Vote for Life in General w/Greenville General to Take Home the Webby!

For those of you who have been asking when new episodes of Strike TV's drama series Life in General and its soap-within-a-soap Greenville General will be premiering, here's how you can help creator Karen Harris (General Hospital, General Hospital: Night Shift) produce more episodes, vote for Life in General w/Greenville General to win the People's Voice Webby Award for Best Drama Individual Episode.

Winning what is pretty much considered the Emmy Award for online content will help garner major buzz for the series. Buzz leads to sponsors. Sponsors leads to money. Money leads to more episodes. So if you want to see your fave soap stars like Days of Our LivesArianne Zucker, General Hospital's John Ingle and One Life to Live's Scott Clifton come back for additional eppys, go get your vote on! Remember to be persistent if you have trouble getting on. You have until midnight. Help support online soaps! The revolution will be webivised!
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Life in General w/Greenville General Nominated For 2009 Webby Award!

Congrats to Life in General w/ Greenville General creator Karen Harris, the General Hospital scribe's Strike.TV drama series pilot and companion soap-within-a-soap have been nominated for the 2009 Webby Award for Best Drama: Individual Episode! A lot of you have written in wondering when you will see more episodes of LIG/GG, well that is in part up to you. Web soap pioneers like Harris and Imaginary Bitches creator Andrew Miller are having to go into their own pockets to produce these shows. If you want to see more, you can help by voting for Life in General w/Greenville General and Imaginary Bitches to win  People's Voice Webby Awards! Click here to find out how!
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Watch the Life in General/Greenville General Pilots Right Here at DC!

If you are a fan of Karen Harris's smart new web drama Life In General and its classic soap-within-a-soap Greenville General, you can now watch them right here at DC.Remember guys, if you want new episodes you have to watch and tell your friends. The more views they get, the better the chances of attracting a sponsor. The future of soaps is here and its on the web!

Karen Harris’s Life In General Debuts Today on Strike TV!

Today's the day! Life in General, the soapstastic, labour of love from General Hospital and General Hospital: Night Shift scribe Karen Harris debuts on Strike.TV. Starring past (Brynn Thayer, Lindze Letherman) and present (Arianne Zucker, John Ingle) soap faves, Life in General is a smart, sexy, campy glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of daytime's most popular drama, Greenville General (also a Strike.TV show-within-a-show from Harris), experienced through the eyes of long-suffering soap writer (Is there any other kind?) Winifred Marshall (Zucker) .

In the pilot episode, Winifred has to deal with meddling network execs, a demanding executive producer, an aging, figure head series creator, a bed-hopping leading man and a volatile real and reel life supercouple, all while managing to put out a soap opera five-days-a-week. If you like character-driven, good-old-fashioned soap opera, Life in General is the show for you.

Daytime Confidential EXCLUSIVE: Log on to Strike TV for Greenville General SNEAK PEEK!

Remember a few weeks back when General Hospital script writer Karen Harris gave 200 lucky Daytime Confidential readers an exclusive access code to view her upcoming Strike TV drama Life in General? Well now those same 200 peeps can go on and check out Greenviille General the soap-within-the-soap. Who said Santa Claus only comes once a year? Probably a dirty Commie who doesn't believe in Jesus!  DRILL FOR OIL! DRILL FOR OIL! Sorry...someone actually made me watch the Republican National Convention.

Anyhoo, Karen is doggedly trying to get us some additional access codes for those who missed the first opportunity, but those of you who logged on the first time can go back, re-enter your user name and password and voila! Instant Soapy Goodness and low in calories! Hmm, maybe I should sign up for Cooking to Get Lucky? Nah, I'll wait for Cooking to Get Free Xanax.

Exclusive “Life in General” SNEAK PEEK for First 200 Daytime Confidential Visitors!!!

God Bless The Net.
Video killed the radio star and if this keeps up the Internet will kill the television show - and for the first time in years I don't think that's a bad thing. I just finished watching the sneak peek of General Hospital writer Karen Harris's new web show Life In General and I am blown away with how smart, fast-paced, emotionally resonant and sexy the show managed to be in just its pilot episode.

It is so refreshing to see talented soap stars like Arianne Zucker (Nicole, Days; Winnie, LIG), Lindze Letherman (ex-Georgie, GH; Maddie, LIG) and Scott Clifton (ex-Dillon, GH; Fritz, LIG) hold their own with legends like JoBeth Williams (Mary Kate) and Brynn Thayer (ex-Jenny, OLTL; Rachel, LIG).

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Behind the Scenes of Life in General

STRIKE.TV behind-the-scenes: LIFE IN GENERAL from StrikeTV on Vimeo.

Check out this clip of Life in General. Life in General the new web based soap within a soap about the ficticious Greenville General starring Days of Our Lives Arianne Zucker and written by General Hospital's Karen Harris. Zucker plays the head writer of Greenville General and from the looks of it, it's going to be a blast.