WATCH: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Goes Bad-Ass in My Husband’s Betrayal! (TRAILER)

Steffy Forrester may be nursing a broken heart and barren womb in Paris on The Bold and the Beautiful, but her portrayer is getting ready to kick some serious ass Friday night on Lifetime Movie Network. In Her Husband's Betrayal, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood stars as Cathy Coulter, a newlywed mom, whose hunky husband turns out to be a murderous criminal. Watch the trailer after the jump!

Days of Our Lives Alum Jason Brooks Talks Difference Between Daytime and Primetime Gigs

Former Days of Our Lives bad boy Jason Brooks (ex-Peter Blake) is back with a new Lifetime Movie Network flick, The Perfect Boyfriend, premiering tonight at 8 pm EST. In an interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop, the Switched at Birth actor dished the differences between daytime soaps and primetime roles.  Check out an excerpt:

CBS: You played a villain on Days of Our Lives – is there a difference between acting in a soap opera and a prime time television series?

JB: The biggest difference is the time.  To do an hour of a soap, it takes a day which is about 70-80 script pages.  In primetime, you have about 8 days to do the equivalent amount of pages so you have more of an opportunity for quality.  There’s also more money being put towards the production value of a primetime show which allows it to look better.

Bold and Beautiful Alum Maeve Quinlan Takes on Teenage Bank Robbers on LMN

Former The Bold and the Beautiful star Maeve Quinlan (ex-Megan) will star in the Lifetime movie Teenage Bank Heist tonight on Lifetime Movie Network. In ‘Heist’ Quinlan plays Joyce, a bank manager and mother of 17-year-old Cassie (Abbie Cobb). When Cassie is kidnapped by a gang of teenage bank robbers, she fights to save her daughter.
Cassie, 17, works as a teller at the bank where her mom is branch manager. When the bank is robbed, Cassie is taken hostage. She soon finds out that the bank robbers are teenage girls that she may have inadvertently helped prepare for the heist. As the girls are on the run from the police, we learn the motivation behind the robbery may not be greed but to raise the ransom for the kidnapped father of one of the girls.

Visit Lifetime for more on Teenage Bank Heist. Watch the trailer for Teenage Bank Heist after the jump!