Cynthia Watros Nabs MTV Pilot Finding Carter

Daytime bad girl Cynthia Watros is about to pull double duty.  In addition to her upcoming role on The Young and the RestlessDeadline is reporting Watros is gearing up to star in the MTV pilot, Finding Carter.

The show will focus on Carter, a teenager who lives a great life with her single mother. Things take a turn for the worse when the police clue Carter in on Lori kidnapping her as a baby. Carter is then returned to her real mother Elizabeth (Watros), a detective, who is hell bent on locking Lori up.

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Ex-Guiding Light Actor Doug Hutchison and Child Bride Explain Their Union on Good Morning America

Former Guiding Light actor Doug Hutchison and his new wife 16-year-old aspiring singer, Courtney Stodden sat down with Good Morning America to defend their new marriage. The couple explained how their courtship started over the Internet and with Stodden's parents blessing.  The duo also reveals a reality show is possibly in the works (Color me shocked, NOT!) Watch the controversial interview after the jump!

Oprah Finale Commands $1 Million Ad Rate!

The Super Bowl. The Oscars. Oprah Winfrey's Final Show.

Acording to The Wrap, the May 25 finale of The Oprah Winfrey Show will command $1 million for each 30-second ad! The Queen of all Media is expected to attract a massive audience for the finale, far more than the 7 million who regularly watch her show. To put this in perspective for other huge pop culture farewells, the ad rate for Oprah's swan song is more than Lost commanded for its finale, but less than the finales of Friends, and the number one in this group, Seinfeld.

DAYS’ Galen Gering Reveals Passions Passed on LOST’s Josh Holloway!

With supernatural sudser Lost ending its run this May 23 on ABC, TV Guide Channel is doing a series of special "The Cast of Lost Before They Were TV Stars" installments. In the one featuring Josh Holloway, none other than Days of Our Lives heartthrob Galen Gering, and his wife Jenna, dish about their A-list pal. Apparently Galen met Holloway when both were male models, while Jenna starred opposite Holloway in a cable sci fi series.

Who Fathered David Vickers? It’s Deeper Than You Think

A few days ago, Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens delicately asked the question Who In High Hell Fathered David Vickers on OLTL? Because I'm a sucker for such things, I attempted to explain in the comments section of his post how the paternity would shake out. However, it seems the matter is still rather confusing to some/many/everybody, including me.

My feverish brain could not let the issue go, so I decided to simplify the explanation a bit for those who are still confused about who banged whom, when minds were switched, and what's the smoke monster. Oops, wrong show! Anyway, here is my attempt to unravel the mystery of David Vickers' paternity. Mind you, if you stick with me to the very end of this, there is a theory of mine that I think will please people who have wanted to see a particular outcome. Mind you, it's only a theory but it is based on everything we've seen on screen.

Are you sitting down? Got your anti-anxiety medication ready, be it prescription or a stiff drink? Take a deep breath. In and out, slowly. Get set! And here we go!...