Controversy Rocks Ellen’s HGTV Furniture Competition Series

Daytime's favorite funny lady is taking some lumps following the series finale of her HGTV reality series. Tim McClellan was named the winner of Ellen's Design Challenge Monday night on HGTV. The amateur furniture designer, whom Ellen DeGeneres discovered and recruited from You Tube, was then disqualified and replaced by another contestant. This led to outrage on social media.

A Tale of Two Belles: Kirsten Storms to Play Martha Madison’s Sister on Winterthorne!

The news from Michael Caruso’s upcoming candy biz soap Winterthorne just keeps getting more delicious. The DeVanity creator recently announced Kirsten Storms will be playing Selene, the sister of Martha Madison's Miranda Winterthorne. That's right Days of Our Lives fans — two Belles for the price of one big, glistening lollipop!