Original Peyton Place Flick Airs Tonight on Movies! (PROMO)

Pack a picnic lunch. We're headed for the seemingly-sleepy town of Peyton Place tonight on Movies! No need to bring a bathing suit; we'll just skinny dip and cause quite the shocker in the town filled with hypocrites and harlots.

Based on the smash hit novel by Grace Metalious, Peyton Place is the story of a conservative, small town in New England, where the unbridled passions of a group of youngsters, coupled with the sinister desires of one drunken adult, changed social mores forever.


PBS to Air Primetime Soap Special

With PBS being most famous right now as the network of Downton Abbey for its American viewers, it's only fitting they should air a primetime soap special.  Since 2008, the series Pioneers of Televsion has documented the early rise of various television genres.

 On Jan. 22, audiences will see an episode entitled, "Primetime Soaps," which will examine the first love triangles, baby swaps and mental breakdowns to reach primetime viewers.  Shows such as Peyton Place, Dynasty, Knots Landing, and Dallas will be examined.  Watch the PBS promo after the jump!

Victoria Rowell on Proper Manors: “Watch Out Peyton Place”

In an interview with the Boston Herald Victoria Rowell teases her potential  involvement in what we now know to be Proper Manors, the New Hampshire-based soap that will air on MyTV this fall.
“I think what is even more exciting is the possibility of a new soap opera that is being bandied about,” she said. “I’m not at liberty to disclose the name of this new soap but it’s genius. It’s penned by a New Englander and set in New England. Watch out Peyton Place.”

Wishful Casting: Santa Barbara: The Movie

With classic, daytime vampire opera Dark Shadows, starring Johnny Depp, coming soon to a theater near you, I can't help but hope this development could start a trend toward seeing some of our more notable, favorite daytime sudsers being adapted for the big screen. I believe iconic, cult soaps like Ryan's Hope and Santa Barbara could definitely work as streamlined three-act, two-hour soapgasms. A good story is a good story, is a good story, whether it's on daytime, primetime, on the big screen, or being gleeped into your brain via digital signals in your earrings. Peyton Place proved that. That explosive novel by Grace Metalious was turned into a movie, a successful primetime sudser and ultimately led to novel and movie sequels and even a daytime soap opera. All it takes is executives who are willing to think outside of the box.