In Praise of Justin Deas

I've been a fan of Guiding Light's Justin Deas (Buzz) for a long, long time.

I don't go back to his days as Bucky on Ryan's Hope, but I vividly remember him as Tom Hughes on As The World Turns (opposite his real life wife Margaret Colin as Margo) where he was brilliant. I watched him rise to legendary soap greatness as the morally bankrupt Keith Timmons on Santa Barbara. I've witnessed him transform Buzz an institution. I think I've seen every moment that has won him those 530 Emmy's he's picked up over the last couple of decades.

DC #308: Ilene Kristen Interview

One Life to Live's Ilene Kristen dropped by Daytime Confidential to discuss her upcoming appearance as ACME This Week's host on Saturday, October 18th at 8pm and an appearance at Cops for Causes on Thursday, October 16th.

During our visit we talk about Ilene's time on Ryan's Hope, what it was like to work with Claire Labine and whether or not "The Powers That Be" at ABC are interested in giving a wink to fans by having her and former Ryan's Hope co-star Ron Hale (General Hospital's Mike Corbin) reunite on One Life to Live or General Hospital.

Ilene reveals why Roxie and Max Holden's relationship was cut short and shares how she recently took Kristen Alderson (Starr, One Life to Live) to a Madonna concert. We discuss who Rex's father might be and Ilene talks about how September 11th affected her acting career.

To buy tickets for Saturday's ACME This Week CLICK HERE.

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