John O’Hurley Dishes ‘Loving’ Past With BFF Bryan Cranston

Prolific actor John O'Hurley isn't one of those thespians who's ashamed to talk about his soapy past, or the friendships he made while bubbling up! In a new interview with the Miami Herald—promoting his turn in a local production of Chicago—the multi-soap alum recalls how he met his best friend and fellow Seinfeld alum, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, on the set of ABC Daytime's Loving. Here's an excerpt:

Do you keep in touch with anyone from the old “Seinfeld” gang?

Well, Bryan Cranston [who played dentist Tim Whatley] has been my best friend since 1983. We met on the soap opera Loving. We were married to the same woman on the show. He’s been my best man twice. I told him never again! We’re going away with our wives once we have a little breather. We travel a lot together. We even bought a couple of vacation properties together.


The Sopranos Kneecap Competition to Top WGA’s 101 Best Written TV Series

HBO’s The Sopranos topped the list of 101 Best Written TV Series chosen by the Writers Guild of America, West and Writers Guild of America, East. TV Guide Magazine hosted an event for the unveiling of the WGA’s 101 Best Written TV Series on June 2.

In addition to The Sopranos, HBO had three other series among the Top 20: The Wire (No. 9), Six Feet Under (No. 18) and The Larry Sanders Show (No.20). NBC also had four series among the Top 20; Seinfeld (No. 2), Cheers (No. 8), The West Wing (No. 10) and Hill Street Blues (No. 15).

Mad Men (No. 7),  The Simpsons (No. 11), Breaking Bad (No. 13), Arrested Development (No. 16), The Daily Show With John Stewart (No. 17), Saturday Night Live (No. 25), Curb Your Enthusiasm (No. 30), Modern Family (No. 34), Game of Thrones (No. 40), Downton Abbey (No. 43), Homeland (No. 48), The Colbert Report (No. 50*), The Good Wife (No. 50*), South Park (No. 63), Dexter (No. 66*), The Office (US) (No. 66*), Justified (No. 86), Boardwalk Empire (No. 93) and Louie (No. 101) are the TV series currently on air to make the list.

See the full list of the WGA’s 101 Best Written TV Series after the jump and tell us which shows you think deserved to be on the list and which shows you would have cut from the list.

Oprah Finale Commands $1 Million Ad Rate!

The Super Bowl. The Oscars. Oprah Winfrey's Final Show.

Acording to The Wrap, the May 25 finale of The Oprah Winfrey Show will command $1 million for each 30-second ad! The Queen of all Media is expected to attract a massive audience for the finale, far more than the 7 million who regularly watch her show. To put this in perspective for other huge pop culture farewells, the ad rate for Oprah's swan song is more than Lost commanded for its finale, but less than the finales of Friends, and the number one in this group, Seinfeld.