Justin Hartley on Revenge Character: “He Will Do Anything For His Mother”

Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) better watch her back. She just might have a new adversary to worry about when Revenge returns for Season 3 this Sept. 29.

Patrick Osbourne, the long-lost son of ice queen Victoria (Madeline Stowe), is headed for the Hamptons in the form of Passions alum Justin Hartley. Here's what the hunk revealed to TV Guide Magazine about Patrick:
Suffice it to say, he will do anything for his mother and may lash out if you mistreat Mommy.

Justin Hartley to Guest on Melissa & Joey

Former Passions star and upcoming Revenge transplant Justin Hartley has snagged a guest spot on ABC Family's smash comedy, Melissa & Joey. Hartley will play Noah, Mel's (Melissa Joan Hart) new boyfriend who temporarily shacks up with Mel and her family. His presence in the home causes their relationship to take an unexpected turn. Hartley's episode is slated to air Aug. 7.

Melissa & Joey airs Wednesdays at 8 PM EST on ABC Family.

Justin Hartley Gets ‘Revenge’

Looks like Victoria Grayson’s (Madeleine Stowe) first born child is headed to the Hamptons. E! Online is reporting Justin Hartley (Ex-Fox; Passions) has landed the role of Patrick, Victoria’s eldest child.

According to the site, the former Smallville and Emily Owens M.D. star’s character will shake up the rich and shameless playground where his mother resides. Look for Hartley to sign on for a multi-episode arc, when the show returns for season three later this fall.

Tony Todd Gripes to TMZ About Footing The Bill For His Own Grub at Y&R!

The Young and the Restless guest star Tony Todd has plenty of nice things to say about the show and the genre, however he isn't too happy about having to pay for his own food! TMZ  has a video of Todd, who will be playing Leslie (Angell Conwell) and Tyler's (Redaric Williams) jailbird dad, griping about having to pay for his own meals on the set of the CBS sudser.Watch the clip after the jump!

‘Candyman’ Tony Todd Cast on The Young and the Restless!

Get ready for the much-mentioned father of The Young and the Restless’ Leslie (Angell Conwell) and Tyler (Redaric Williams) to arrive in Genoa City. According to Horror Society.com, Tony Todd, best known for his roles in Platoon, Final Destination and the horror smash, Candyman, has landed the role of the incarcerated Gus Rogan. When asked about upcoming projects, Todd revealed,
Yeah, I’ve got a bunch of films in the can. There’s a film called Unbroken. There’s a film that I made in Wales called Dead of Nite, which is making its Australian debut in April and I’m part of that. I’m currently doing day work on and when I say day work, I just mean I consider it my day job.  I’m working on The Young and the Restless that just celebrated its 40th anniversary. They came to me with a character that I just couldn’t refuse. The difference in working in the soap world, you have to come totally prepared and you’re there and you basically have one take. I look at that as a challenge and my character is really a unique one. I play a prisoner who’s falsely accused of murdering his wife. I’ve done 4 episodes so far and I’m going to do at least 20. So that’s what I’m doing right now, I just worked yesterday.  It’s a whole new demographic, I have my reasons for everything that I do.