Southern Belles: Louisville a “Hit” for SOAPnet

SOAPnet has another "hit" on its hands. Southern Belles: Louisville is now SOAPnet's number one reality show. Okay...what exactly does that mean? Do more people tune in to watch these Scarlett wannabes say "y'all" a thousand times an episode, and/or drive home the reason why the Centers for Disease Control needed to be headquartered in the South, than watched say One Day With Wally Kurth, or perhaps that other show where that douche bag tried to get couples back together? Which by the way is already cancelled. I guess we just weren't that in to it. Incidently Southern Smell's "record breaking" debut is still firmly behind the premiere of General Hospital: Night Shift. Hmm, I know, why not bring that show back?! Fiddle dee dee indeed.


Is SOAPnet the “Perfect” Home for Southern Belles?

Brian Frons' lastest stab at original programming, Southern Belles, premiers on SOAPnet Thursday and The New York Daily News gives it only two out of five stars. According to NYDN, Southern Belles "can be assured they've gotten one thing right: Their TV show is on the perfect network" and "too often it feels like a Webcam with better production values."

Will you be watching Southern Belles? Is SOAPnet the perfect network for it?

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SOAPnet’s Southern Belles

It looks as if SOAPnet is trying to replicate the success of The Real Housewives of:(insert name of a geographically  wealthy location). I know quite a few Daytime Confidential readers are fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta series, but is it enough to get you to tune in to Frons' latest stab at original programming?