Nancy Grace Leaves Swift Justice; to be Replaced by Judge Jackie Glass

Nancy Grace has handed down her own judgement on if she’ll return for the second season of Swift Justice. The confrontational TV personality has revealed she will not be returning as host when the syndicated series resumes, citing its production moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles, according to The Huffington PostJudge Judy Glass, who sentenced O.J. Simpson to prison, is said to be signing on as the series’ new host.

Mighty O No! Nate Berkus Show “Sputtering” in the Ratings

Not all protégés are created equal it would seem. The New York Post is reporting Oprah’s Midas Touch isn’t quite working on The Nate Berkus Show. The chatfest appears to be fading fast, with ratings falling well behind Nancy Grace’s new show Swift Justice.
"Berkus is likeable, but he pings from decorating to mommy bloggers to saving money to auction tips with the occasional celebrity appearance, making it difficult to discern the show's true identity,"
I can’t say this news surprises me. While Berkus has been one of my favorite Oprah “regulars" over the years, when I tried watching his solo show I found myself wanting to change the channel faster than a teen boy who was caught watching Skinemax by his parents, not that I would know anything about that, of course.  

The Swift Justice of Nancy Grace Headed for Daytime This Fall

HLN fans who can't get enough of Nancy Grace in primetime will now be able to get their fix during the daytime too. The New York Times is reporting that CBS will be premiering their new syndicated show Swift Justice with Nancy Grace this fall.
Without a license fee, CBS has to produce “Swift Justice” cheaply. The program will share an executive producer and other staff members with another CBS court show. Ms. Grace will tape episodes in Atlanta, where her HLN show is based, and will sometimes pipe in guests and experts via Skype and via satellite.