General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 03.11.09

Holly and Helena? Too much to handle? Obviously Holly’s return is being linked to Ethan and everyone who is anyone is hoping that Helena’s return means NotEmily is the RealEmily. Can you hear Frons’ campaign for that one? The real Emily returns…oh wait, she’s already there and we’ve been telling you her name is Rebecca…tune in. Some fans say Helena and Holly are the reasons for the POSSIBLE bloodbath hitting prospect studios (where GH is filmed). Emma Samms’ return SHOULD be a temporary gig with some saying she’ll be in Port Chuck and on our screens for roughly three weeks. Helena has never been a contract character (at least not to my knowledge) and I ASSUME that isn’t going to change. Two returns of recurring characters, one said to be brief, is that really a reason to let five actors go? The cuts hitting ABCDaytime are more likely a result of the crappy economy that is hitting everyone. I’m not giving Fronsie a free pass as there are plenty of newbie’s on my screen that really don’t need to be there especially not at the expense of some of my faves.

Another Ungrateful Star Bites The Soap That Fed Him

I just added Ryan's Hope and Melrose Place alum Grant Show to a growing list of actors who I could give a lovely (fill in the blank) if I ever see a project of theirs again because they dissed the vehicle that a.) made them a star and b.) made me their fan.

In a New York Times article published yesterday about his kinky, couple-swapping primetime soap Swingtown on CBS, Show didn't resist the urge to take a pot shot at the 90's Fox mega-hit Melrose Place, where he starred as Beverly Hills, 90210 transplant Jake Hanson. Here's an excerpt from the Q&A:

New Yortk Times: You have been acting pretty much since you could work, right?