Chelsea Handler Lampoons Farrah Abraham’s DAYS “Audition”

Leave it to Chelsea Handler to have the final–at least we hope so–word on Farrah Abraham's supposed audition tape for a role on Days of Our Lives. E! featured the late night comedian comparing the audition to the Teen Mom star's sex tape.

"It's amazing acting work," the comedienne said sarcastically. After watching the inexperienced sex tape star recite her lines, Handler quipped, "She is a much better actress when her mouth is full."

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PC #54: Snow White and the Hunchin’

On today’s Pop Confidential podcast Jamey Giddens, Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Regan Cellura dive into the latest pop culture news, headlines and TV series storylines.

The Batman: Dark Knight Rises tragedy at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado rocked the country. The PC gang weighs in on the tragic event.  Kristen Stewart was photographed cheating on Robert Pattinson and issued a head scratching statement. Are their relationship problems getting more coverage than deserved? The 2012 Summer Olympics kicked off with a cameo by James Bond star Daniel Craig.

TV lost an icon with the passing of Sherman Hemsley and the PC crew shares their favorite memories from The Jeffersons and Amen.  The team discusses the latest twists on TNT’s delicious Dallas. Political Animals reminds Luke of a political version of Brothers & Sisters.  Does True Blood need to refocus because it has too much going on? Dancing with the Stars announces the returning cast list for Dancing with the All-Stars.  The original Teen Mom is ending its run.

The Jackson family is acting out and Jillian says it’s a sad day when La Toya Jackson is providing the voice of reason. Is there a plot by Jackson siblings to get their hands on Michael Jackson’s money? Katherine Jackson went missing. Allegedly, Janet slapped Paris and Paris slapped Janet right back.  Did Janet go along to protect her own fortune from her brothers? A judge awarded Tito’s son TJ temporary custody of Michael Jackson’s three children.

All this and much more on today’s Pop Confidential podcast!


Harsh Realities and Domestic Double Standards: Can Daytime Soaps Reclaim Their Turf From Euro-Soaps and Snooki?

Everywhere you look in popular culture these days it seems abusive people are helping to spike ratings. MTV has two hit reality shows (Jersey Shore and Teen Mom) where charm school graduates routinely pound on other human beings, and in an odd showing of Women's Liberation, the abusers are primarily female.
A recent episode of ABC's primetime hit Private Practice featured a storyline where a mentally-disturbed woman acted out by physically assaulting her husband. Now comes news that Irish soap opera Fair City has posted record increases in viewership do to a shocking story arc featuring a character named Suzanne beating the crap out of the husband who cheated on her. Meanwhile, another soap villain returned from the dead on ABC Daytime's All My Children