The Bannen Way Co-Creator Takes Spooky Thriller ‘The Night Visitor’ to Kickstarter! (VIDEO)


The creator and star of one of my fav-o-rite web series ever has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his latest creative effort. The Bannen Way's Mark Gantt's next project, The Night Visitor, is sci-fi-meets-horror-meets-thriller.

Starring Hollywood Heights' Brianne Davis (also an executive producer), Tara Buck (True Blood) and Vedette Lim (True Blood, Hollywood Heights), The Nigfht Visitor is already in post production. Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (Dark Angel) directed a script from The Marcus Brothers

The found footage-style digital feature is hoping to raise $12,500. Check out the trailer and additional video content for The Night Visitor after the jump!


The Bannen Way Nabs Two Webby Nods!
's juggernaut web drama The Bannen Way is continuing to dominate the Internet content awards circuit. The addictive serial has been nominated for two Webby Awards, Best Drama and Best Editing. See, I told y'all this show was the bomb! Literally...lots of explosions in this one, I bet Vanessa Marcil thought she was on the set of Mobster General Hospital again playing sexy-as-hell supermodel/music exec, Brenda Barrett, as opposed to sexy-as-hell thief/Bannen bed buddy, Madison. Congrats to uber talented creators Mark Gantt (who also stars in the title role) and Jesse Warren. Now can someone put this show on network TV already? NBC oughta be on bended knees begging Sony for this show!

The Bannen Way Wins Best Editing in a Web Series at Streamys Craft Awards!

Kudos to Zach Arnold, who took home an award at yesterday's Streamys Craft Awards for Best Editing in a Web Series. Arnold netted the accolade for his work on the insanely hot, well-written, directed and acted web series The Bannen Way. This is no doubt the first of many Streamys Mark Gantt and Jesse Warren's breakthrough web serial— which costarred three of my fav-o-rite sudser alums, One Life to Live's Brynn ThayerGeneral Hospital's Vanessa Marcil and The O.C.'s Autumn Reeser— will take home this Streamys Weekend, as the soap opera for boys is nominated for seven awards! (Pick up your Video On Demand copy of The Bannen Way here.)
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See Why I’m HOOKED on The Bannen Way!

From Crackle: 4: The Proposition

Okay, it is so not fair to compare The Bannen Way to any of the other web series we cover, considering the sleek, sexy serial got a $1 million investment from Sony, but a hella hot story doesn't cost much, and The Bannen Way definitely has one! Series creators Jesse Warren and Mark Gantt (who also stars as Neal Bannen, the coolest thief since Danny Ocean) definitely have a winner on their hands with this soap for guys about a thief who finds himself between the Mob and a hard place. General Hospital sex bomb Vanessa Marcil as the cunning Madison, certainly doesn't hurt the situation! Check out episodes 4-9 of The Bannen Way, then for more on the red hot series, visit my new favorite website for original, scripted content,!

DC Exclusive First Look: Sexy Vanessa Marcil Pics From New Web Series! (Photos)

Check out these scorching images of General Hospital and Las Vegas alum Vanessa Marcil from the set of her new web serial The Bannen Way. Marcil plays Madison, a sexy, street smart thief, who proves a ready match for series protagonist Neal Bannen (Mark Gantt). Here's what the PR peeps have to say about Marcil's character:

"Madison is a beautiful street thief and brilliant con-artist. No one can be sure what she's up to, where she's from, or if her name is even Madison. She proves to be Bannen's match when he tries to recruit her for a job but his manipulative tactics don't work on her. Their relationship is a constant chess match that usually ends in a stalemate. She can be his greatest asset but often times turns out to be his foil."

This show looks FIYA! Take a look at the pics below.

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Sneak Peek of Vanessa Marcil’s Sizzling New Web Series, The Bannen Way!

From Crackle: Trailer

Uh, wow! Check out this ridiculously-hot trailer for The Bannen Way, an upcoming web series from Crackle. com, costarring General Hospital alum Vanessa Marcil! The series stars Mark Gantt (who also serves as co-writer and executive producer) as Neal Bannen, a "charming con-man with a police chief for a father, a mob boss for an uncle and a weakness for fine women, who wants to turn his life around and leave the criminal lifestyle for the straight and narrow. But after gambling away the funds he had earmarked to pay off his final debts, Bannen must accept one more job working for his uncle, Mr. B, to retrieve a mysterious black box."