Webisoap Weekend Round-Up: Watch The Latest From Empire, Darkside of The Bay, Fumbling Thru The Pieces, The Cavanaughs and Anacostia!

We've been slacking on our macking when it comes to promoting all of the great webisoaps out there. Heck, we've been too busy following all the behind-the-scenes cray-cray in daytime! This weekend, when you aren't enjoying some of Uncle Joe's barbecue, catch up on webisoaps Empire, Darkside of The Bay, Fumbling Thru The Pieces, The Cavanaughs and Anacostia below! 

Webisoap News: Empire is Back, Miss Behave Wraps, The Bay Gets New Executive Producer and Anacostia Sizzles!

The webisoap world is exploding with news! Since I've been a bit busy of late—what with all of the breaking news in daytime—I decided to do a quick post detailing the latest from the world of independent soap operas.

Miss Behave stages a royal send off

Susan Bernhardt's
glitzy, teen sudser Miss Behave recently wrapped its run, with the introduction of Santa Barbara and As The World Turns alum Terri Garber as the villainous Queen aka mother of heroine Tori (Days of Our Lives' grad Jillian Clare). In addition to Garber and Clare, the final three episodes of Miss Behave feature past and present soapers: Eric Martsolf and Patrika Darbo.

The sudser's three-part finale was helmed by veteran General Hospital director Scott McKinsey (son of the late, great Beverlee McKinsey). Don't get too weepy about the end of Miss Behave. Several of the characters are being spun off for Bernhardt's upcoming webisioap Reign! Watch the three-part Miss Behave finale below.


Check out a Marathon of The Cavanaughs!

How better to spend a Sunday afternoon, than with a marathon of a favorite webseries? If you’ve missed an episode of the third season of The Cavanaughs, now’s your chance to catch up. Watch the first six episodes of the season and a behind-the-scenes look after the jump!

The Cavanaughs Return for Season 2

Promising web series The Cavanaughs returned for a second season today. I am loving me some scheming bitch Hope (Kimberly Fox), who is doing everything she can to force Maddie (Cwennen Corral) off the sitcom-within-a-soap. Hope don't play. She's gonna give Mark (Grant Landry) a run for the ranking of my fave Cavanaugh! Check out the eppy after the jump.

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The Cavanaughs Fall Finale Saves The Best for Last

The Cavanaughs, the quirky web drama about a group of friends who come together to transform a play they worked on together into a television sitcom pilot, debuted its fall finale this week. In this installment, sensitive scribe Bryan (Adrian Morales) assembles the cast and crew for a table read, as several of the soap's plot threads reach a turning point.

Charley (Deborah Estelle Phillips) receives a call from her mom, who's still upset with Charley regarding her decision to run out on her groom  and come out as a lesbian. Phillips has really started to gel in the role of Charley. Using only a cell phone as a prop, the talented, young actress managed to convey the butterflies of someone attempting to stand up to her parents—on her own terms— while still respecting them.

The Cavanaughs Returns With All-New Eppys!

The Cavanaughs, the cute, quirky, heartfelt web sudser about a rag tag group of friends attempting to put on a television show pilot—starring a drag queen (Ginger Snappz as Noreen Cavanaugh)— is back. What The Cavanaughs lacks in big name soap stardom or deafening buzz, it makes up for in heart. I recently caught up with creator and star Adrian Morales to dish the next three episodes of his sitcom-within-a-soap opera.

Daytime Confidential: The Cavanaughs are back with the first of three all-new episodes. Catch us up. Where were the characters when we last saw them?

Adrian Morales: When we last left off, Maddie (Cwennen Corral) quit The Cavanaughs project because she was uncomfortable with the religious jokes in the new script. Bryan (Morales) compromised and went with a different script to get Maddie back on board. Maddie had also reconciled with her former flame Justin (Kevin Makely). Sarah (Amanda Broadwell) licked her wounds about failing to attract Mark's (Grant Landry) attention, and opted to bounce back to her old self with the help of her best friend Scott. Charley (Deborah Estelle Phillips) was at a crossroads with what to do with her life after being banished by her parent's for being gay.