Bernard’s “World” View: In Defense of Christopher Goutman

Several days ago, I posted an entry about the fallout from the death of Dr. Reid Oliver (Eric Sheffer Stevens) on As The World Turns. There were three central ideas in that piece. First, despite the very legitimate complaints that any given fan might have, ATWT is providing great human drama here at the end of its run. Second, Reid’s tragic passing and donation of his heart to Chris (Daniel Cosgrove) encapsulated that goal mainly by thrusting the Hughes’— the show’s core family since its very debut— front and center toward its conclusion. Third, given the soap opera wrapped production months ago, the idea of kicking a dead horse with unrelenting criticism isn’t going to make it win the Kentucky Derby.

I have not budged one iota from any of those positions and I am about to incur the wrath of a whole lot more of you by making what I know will be a very controversial statement to many: I believe that in these final days, executive producer Christopher Goutman has made mostly the right decisions.

Morgan Fairchild Comes to The Bold and the Beautiful

Is Morgan Fairchild The Bold and the Beautiful's next top model? Not quite, but she will be the instigator of yet another B&B runway face off between Forrester Creations and Jackie M. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Fairchild is returning to soaps as a Beverly Hills socialite and a friend of  Stephanie Forrester. The episodes will air August 10-14.
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The Hills Spins Off The City

Ellen Wheeler's Guiding Light role model The Hills is getting a New York City spinoff called, you guessed it, The CityMarcy Rylan's Lizzie Spaulding could so be the Springfield version of Lauren Conrad or Whitney Port, if they would just write her that way.

Oh and another thing, both The Hills and The City have arch-nemesis for Lauren and Whitney, who does Lizzie have? No one. Why is it that "reality" TV does soap better than soaps?