Alison Sweeney Pays The Doctors a Visit on May 30

Days Of Our Lives' and The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney  takes a trip over to The Doctors on May 30. The starlet will clue viewers in on how she keeps herself in tip-top shape. Sweeney will be discussig her workout regimen, how she got fit for the cover of Shape Magazine and training for a marathon.

The busy mom and the co-hosts will also reveal which five foods are essential to get you body looking hot for the summer. Peep a few of Sweeney's helpful hints below.

The Doctors’ Travis Stork Wants to Know Why People Aren’t Watching Friday Night Lights?

As if my DC/PC cohort Regan Cellura didn't have enough reasons to drool over The Bachelor star-turned-daytime talk show host Dr. Travis Stork, now the hunky E.R. physician has admitted his favorite series is Regan's beloved Friday Night Lights.

"'Friday Night Lights' is my favorite show for the last few years. That's the show that I can't miss," says Dr. Stork. "I've never seen a show that was of higher quality that people didn't watch."

Which Daytime Doc Would You Let Put You Up in Stirrups?

* Dr. Patrick Drake, General Hospital * Dr. Steven Lars Webber, General Hospital * Dr. Matt Hunter, General Hospital * Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Oz * Dr. David Hayward, All My Children * Dr. Jake Martin, All My Children * Dr. Greg Evans, One Life to Live * Dr. Reid Oliver, As The World Turns * Dr. Chris Hughes, As The World Turns * Dr. Bob Hughes, As The World Turns (hey, we represent ALL demos!) * Dr. Daniel Jonas, Days of Our Lives * Dr. Snapper Foster, The Young and the Restless * Dr. John Dixon, As The World Turns * Dr. Travis Stork, The Doctors * Dr. Frankie Hubbard, All My Children