Webisoaps Compete For Daytime Emmys!

Let's hear it for our beloved web sudsers! When we thought the daytime soap opera was about to go the way of the dodo bird, a slew of webisoaps began to pop up, generally created by a band of bootstrapping entrepreneurs, with lots of love for the art form.

This year, NATAS recognized several of the webisoaps we cover. Venice, Tainted Dreams and DeVanity will compete in the Outstanding New Approaches – Drama Series category; alongside The Power Inside.

The Young and the Restless’ Michael Graziadei Heads to ‘Venice’

The Young and the Restless alum Michael Graziadei has landed a plum role in Venice. No, I'm not talking about the Crystal Chappell web series.

According to TVLine, Graz will play Josh, a "rising star" groomed to take over his father's company in the ABC soap pilot, set in the lush, Southern California community.  


Crystal Chappell Defends Ex-DAYS Co-Star Melissa Reeves: “The Person We Know and Love…is NOT a Bigot”


Gay advocate Crystal Chappell has come out to defend her former Days Of Our Lives co-star Melissa Reeves, following Reeves'   controversial Twitter support of Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. In a blog post entitled, "Missy", Chappell shared what happened when she contacted mutual gay and married friends of Reeves. Here's an excerpt:
I reached out to our gay and married friends. Missy had called them in tears soon after the shit hit the fan. She told them how much she loved them and that the implication of that tweet was not what she intended. She said she saw half a tweet about Cluck Filet and thought she was supporting Free Speech. Nothing more. I thought...OK. Um....twitter fuck up? I've stepped into twitter convoys without really knowing what was being talked about and made a mess for myself unintentionally. Realizing after I stepped into it that I don’t at all support the person's words I stood up for. OK....it happens. And then I asked our gay and married friends...well, why not just say that to the folks in twitter land? Was someone telling her not to? Is it work related? Ostrich in the sand syndrome? If I don’t see it, it doesn’t exist kind of thing? Blonde moment? The more time went by the more frustrated I and my friends became. It started to hurt. We all know Missy has very strong religious beliefs but the person we know and love....is NOT a bigot.

Nadia’s Next Chapter: Exiting DAYS Star Nadia Bjorlin on Rom-Coms, Reality TV and Wonder Woman

Her once strong, opera diva character Chloe Lane might have turned into a hot mess on Days of Our Lives in recent months (almost committing suicide, becoming a reluctant hooker), but Nadia Bjorlin couldn't have had it more together when I ran into the actress recently at the Daytime Emmy Awards Gifting Suite in Las Vegas.

The striking starlet, who has been playing the immensely popular Chloe on and off since 1999, took time out from checking out the swag with her equally-hot, soaper boyfriend Brandon Beemer (Owen, The Bold and the Beautiful) to discuss with Daytime Confidential why she believes TPTB decided to write out her character.

Bjorlin also dished about what's next for her career, including an upcoming, big screen romantic comedy and the E! reality show pilot presentation she recently filmed with General Hospital stars Kelly Monaco and Kirsten Storm and One Life to Live's Farah Fath. We also chatted about her pal Crystal Chappell (who was also recently let go from DAYS), winning a Daytime Emmy for her popular webisoap Venice, which Bjorlin costars in. Will Bjorlin be back for a third season of Venice as troubled lesbian Lara Miller? What about her dreams of playing the title role in Wonder Woman? Is she still holding out hope of playing Diance Prince one day? Keep reading to find out.

Daytime Confidential: Fans are really upset that Chloe’s going to be leaving Salem on Days of Our Lives. What’s next for Nadia Bjorlin?

NB: That’s a good question. What is next for Nadia Bjorlin? I’m actually shooting a movie in August, right after I leave DAYS. It’s a romantic comedy and I can’t really say more than that right now.

DC: I can totally see you doing rom-com on TV as well. Have you ever considered it?

NB:  Oh I would love to! Actually one of my dreams would be to do a sitcom or a comedy.

Venice and Gotham Receive Daytime Emmy Nods!

Major props to the creative forces behind webisoaps Venice and Gotham. Both sudsers received nominations for Oustanding Special Class Short Format, and will go up against Disney Channel's Tasty Time With Zefronk. In light of the recent blows the daytime soap opera industry and its fans have endured, I expect more and more soap fans to be flocking online for their sudsy fix, and shows like Venice and Gotham could find even more popularity and support as a result. Congrats to Venice co-creators Crystal Chappell (Carly, DAYS) and Kimmy Turrisi, and Gotham's Martha Byrne.