Wed-Locked Surprise!

Zack Conroy and Yvonna Wright  made an appearance on Sunday's new episode of Wed-Locked. The episode–entitled "Surprise!!!"–finds newlyweds Denise (Karla Mosley) and Robert (Lawrence Saint-Victor) debating how to best celebrate their anniversary. Watch the episode after the jump.

DC #476: Wed-Locked

Ever wondered what Cliff and Claire Huxtable would have been like during the early years of their marriage? How about Barack and Michelle? Guiding Light alums Lawrence Saint-Victor and Karla Mosley are hoping their new web dramedy Wed-Locked can give you a bit of a glimpse. Also starring the scrumptious Zack Conroy (ex-James, GL), Yvonna Kopacz (ex-Mel, GL) and Kim Brockington (ex-Felicia, GL), Wed-Locked is sure to be a treat for fans missing the life and times of one Springfield, USA.

Daytime Confidential's Luke and Jamey recently caught up with the talented Saint-Victor and Mosley to find out all about the new venture, of which they are co-producing. Mosley reveals how when it comes to the ides of working with Saint-Victor again, "she got it from her Mama", as Saint-Victor—who is penning the series—talks about the life of a first time writer. After you listened be sure to check out the first episode of Wed-Locked on You Tube.

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Lawrence Saint-Victor and Karla Mosley are “Wed-Locked”

Ex-Guiding Light stars Karla Mosley and Lawrence Saint-Victor star in Wed-Locked as Denise and Robert Davis who are adjusting to life as newlyweds. The series' premiere episode finds the couple in counseling and talking about their sex life, or lack-thereof. It's hilarious! You really need to watch this series.

Watch the first episode after the jump and check back at Daytime Confidential later today for our podcast interview with the stars. Follow Wed-Locked on You Tube.