Wishful Storytelling: What if Susan Hunter Martin was Carly Manning’s Mother on DAYS?

Inspired by all the rich flashbacks, and poignant usage of history on display in Salem this week on Days of Our Lives (in bittersweet courtesy to the end of the lives of Frances Reid and Alice Horton), I began once again thinking about how my favorite soap could better utilize its history to refocus the sudser around it's central mythology—the trials and tribulations of the Horton family, their lovers, rivals and friends.

As I was driving home in rush hour traffic on Wednesday, readying myself for the eppy where everyone learned dear, darling "Gran" had taken a turn for the worst, I started thinking about how DAYS executive producer Ken Corday has been consistently mentioning, during his press tour for his memoir, that it was DAYS' "story" which keeps fans glued to the show. And while I readily agree with Corday, in recent months, I am beginning to feel said story is leaving much to be desired again. Don't get me wrong, DAYS is still an enjoyable soap opera, for the most part, and vastly improved over recent, disastrous years. I am loving Victor and Maggie's (John Aniston and Suzanne Rogers) twilght years romance, with twisted Vivian (Louise Sorel) as the spoiler.

Wishful Casting: Soap Legend Eileen Fulton as Y&R’s Dina Mergeron!

While watching Eileen Fulton celebrate 50 years as As The World Turns' Lisa—television's first love-to-hate bitch— this past week I started brainstorming ways to keep this still vital soap treasure on our screens post September when ATWT goes off the air. First I thought about what a fun, recurring love interest Fulton would make for General Hospital's Edward (John Ingle), but since that development would be highly unlikely on youth-obsessed ABC Daytime, my thoughts turned to The Young and the Restless. Say what you will about Y&R (and trust me, I have of late), but they are the one soap that consistently doesn't seem to to cater to the Madison Avenue belief that life ends the day you turn 51. That being said, wouldn't it be cool for Fulton to guest star on Y&R from time to time as Jack, Traci and Ashley Abbott's mother Dina Mergeron?

Wishful Casting Poll: Who in the World Can Fill Amanda Setton’s Boots on One Life to Live?

* I wouldn't mind seeing All My Children's Eden Riegel getting her not-so-imaginary bitch on! * Guiding Light's Marcy Rylan could pull it off with a brunette dye job. * Forget Rylan, I want her former costar Mandy Bruno! * As The World Turns' Alexandra Chando has the chops to do Kim justice. * Speaking of ATWT, what is Jordanna Brewster doing these days? * How about General Hospital and The Young and the Restless alum Adrienne Leon? * I'd rather see Lindze Letherman. She proved she could play a sex kitten in Life in General. * Tammin Sursok held her own with TGVN on Y&R, Clint Buchanan should be a piece of cake! * No one! Setton IS Kim, they shouldn't recast. * Oh who cares?! I'm glad the newbie is leaving! Bring on more airtime for the vets!

Wishful Casting/Storytelling: ATWT’s Jon Hensley and Michael Park as Kevin and Joey on OLTL

While responding to regular Daytime Confidential reader Erica's Evil Twin in the First Impressions post regarding the returns of Kelly (Gina Tognoni) and Adrianna "Bitchy Bangs" Cramer (Melissa Fumero) to One Life to Live, a thought hit me. No, I didn't hit it back, but that's beside the point. Wouldn't it be gnarly if OLTL snagged Jon Hensley and Michael Park— the two biggest male leads on soon-to-be defunct CBS sudser and OLTL timeslot competitor As The World Turns to re-create the roles of Kevin and Joey Buchanan, respectively when ATWT ends this coming September?

Wishful Casting: Nicolas Coster as DAYS’ Bill Horton for Alice’s Exit Storyline

In an exclusive statement to Soap Opera Digest concerning what comeback sudser of the decade, Days of Our Lives will be doing to address the passing of Frances Reid (Alice Horton) on screen, executive producer Ken Corday mentioned how tricky it will be bring back the character of Alice's son Dr. Bill Horton to help memorialize Alice, since both Ed Mallory, who portrayed the role from 1966-1980 and Chris Stone—the last actor to play the character— are deceased. Allow lil' old me to offer up a suggestion. Veteran soap actor Nicolas Coster should be tapped to assume the legendary role of Bill Horton.

Okay Santa Barbara fans, you already know where I am heading, but for those who didn't have the extreme, spiritual pleasure of partaking in the best daytime soap opera ever, Coster appeared opposite the fabulicious Louise Sorel (Vivian) on SB as wealthy cad Lionel to her not-so-long suffering Augusta.